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Design Your Own Custom PolarFleece Right Down to the Buttons

Some garments are always hip. A good pair of blue jeans, lace-up leather boots, and a button-down shirt, for example, have looked good on a man for decades, and there’s little chance they’ll ever lose their cool. The pullover fleece might not have had such total staying power, but the once-popular fleece is back in a big way now, and just maybe it will stick around this time.

Custome Polar Fleece

Style writ large is also cyclical, as you know, and right now the ’90s happen to be back in vogue. So whereas a few short years ago neon yellow accents on an electric blue top would have been not so cool — now? That’s cool. But hey, maybe you weren’t into that level of color back when things were smelling like Teen Spirit and you’re sure not into it now. No problem, maybe you want something more demure in your garments, something like a blend of subtle grays and slate blues. Or maybe you want to go full-on America with your color palate.

Oh, and to what are we applying these colors? Why, your 100% custom-designed pullover fleece or shearling from PolarFleece. The company has been making fleeces since 1981, but now it is letting you make your own, more or less.

PolarFleece lets you customize your fleece in eight different ways. You select the color for the torso, the sleeves, the collar, the pocket, the hanging loop and neck tape, the binding, the stitching, and even for the snaps. Given how many color options there are, you could create thousands of different totally unique fleeces. And you could also pretty easily make a simply hideous garment if you aren’t careful — better check out some of their ready-made options for inspiration.

Custom Polar Fleece Steven John
Steven John/The Manual

The colors at your disposal run the gamut from the bright and wild to the reserved and classic. Two different people could use PolarFleece’s custom fleece design platform and create garments that looked almost nothing alike. And you can use the site to create a garment that looks exactly like you want, be it ’90s retro, school colors, dark tones, or what have you.

The fleece will run you $120. Customize your own here.

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