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Citizen reveals 2 new limited edition watches inspired by Godzilla

There are plenty of Godzilla-inspired features in the design

Citizen Promaster Godzilla watches black and red

In celebration of the illustrious 35-year legacy of the Promaster series, Citizen unveils a bold ode to the iconic Professional Diver 300m, affectionately known as “Zilla” among enthusiasts. Taking inspiration from Godzilla’s formidable presence, Citizen introduces a pair of exclusive watches for men, each encapsulating the essence of the legendary kaiju.

Embarking on this creative journey, Citizen crafted two limited-edition watches adorned with a captivating camouflage motif reminiscent of Godzilla’s textured scales. Delving deeper into the design, keen observers will delight in the subtle inclusion of miniature Godzillas concealed within the intricate pattern, adding a playful and mysterious touch.

The first dial pays homage to black and white Godzilla’s timeless aesthetic, capturing the cinematic giant’s essence in a classic monochrome palette. Meanwhile, the second variant, featuring a rich dark red hue, presents Godzilla in a moment of intense fury, vividly portrayed through a dynamic depiction of the creature “roaring in rage.”

Citizen Promaster limited edition Godzilla watch black

Citizen Watches embraces its audience with a nickname coined by the community

In a rare departure from the norm, witnessing a renowned watch brand embrace the colloquial nicknames coined by its devoted community is a truly gratifying experience. The latest iteration, the exclusive Citizen Promaster Eco-Drive Professional Diver 300M Godzilla Limited Edition, exemplifies this refreshing engagement with enthusiasts.

Breaking away from its conventional formal demeanor, Citizen’s new limited edition timepiece embraces the spirited dialogue within the community. The Godzilla edition not only revitalizes the iconic “Ecozilla” with a modern flair but also serves as a stylish homage to Japan’s legendary monster. This harmonious blend of cutting-edge design and a nod to cultural symbolism solidifies Citizen’s commitment to both innovation and a genuine connection with its passionate audience.

The basics

Let’s delve into the nitty-gritty of these wrist behemoths. With a diameter of 48.2mm and a thickness of 18.5mm, the stainless steel case of the Ecozilla demands attention. The dial, available in black or red, features large indices at five-minute intervals, ensuring readability that matches the bold design. The hands and dial indices are luminescent, providing visibility even in the darkest depths. With a water resistance of 300m and a rugged polyurethane strap/bracelet, the Ecozilla is not just a watch; it’s a companion for daring adventures like bungee jumping or first dates.

The movement

Beneath the monstrous exterior lies the heart of the Ecozilla – the Caliber Cal.B873. This powerhouse offers essential functions such as hours, minutes, seconds, and dates. What sets it apart? A remarkable power reserve of 6 months in power save mode ensures that the Ecozilla keeps ticking even when you take a break from the wrist action. Charged by light, this watch harnesses energy from its surroundings, epitomizing Citizen’s commitment to sustainable timekeeping. And talk about precision – the Ecozilla boasts an accuracy within +/- 15 seconds per month, a testament to the engineering prowess packed into this limited-edition marvel.

Citizen Promaster limited edition Godzilla watch red

Where to buy the Citizen Promaster Eco-Drive Professional Diver 300M Godzilla

Now that the allure of the Ecozilla has captured your imagination, you may wonder where to get your hands on this limited-edition masterpiece. Priced at $900, it’s a small investment for a colossal wrist presence. The Ecozilla is available now, but act swiftly – with only 2,500 units in black and 3,000 in red, this limited edition will become a collector’s item.

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