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The 10 Best Toiletry Bags and Dopp Kits for Hitting the Road in 2022

When the time comes to hit the road again, there are a few things you’ve got to keep in mind besides simply dressing well for your trip and your destination. Organization is going to make everything that much easier, which is where the best toiletry bags and dopp kits enter your packing list. Gone are the days of tossing your grooming essentials and EDC picks in a plastic bag and calling it a day.

The best way to store those handy travel necessities that you can’t live without? In a well-built, compact case with plenty of pockets and plenty of durability. A dopp kit is the grown man’s way of storing gear, and it makes it even easier to separate your travel-size essentials when you do have to pass through security at the airport. And the best ones blend form as well as function (that is to say, they look as great as the rest of your wardrobe). Upgrade your road trip gear in a flash with some top favorites to shop right now.

Best Overall Dopp Kit: Herschel Supply Chapter Dopp Kit

Durable dopp kit for men.

Herschel Supply specializes in travel gear that’s at once hard-wearing as well as sleek, designed to keep you moving steadily forward without missing a beat. From the eye-catching print to the durable tech fabric and waterproof zipper, this dopp kit hits the right blend of form and function that we mentioned earlier.

Best Go-Anywhere Dopp Kit: Fjallraven Toiletry Dopp Kit

Best outdoor dopp kit for men.

There are some dopp kits that are well-suited for city travel, some that are ready to go into the great outdoors, and some that can do both. Fjallraven, known for durable outdoor gear, has managed to dream up one that can do both, just like your Fjallraven jacket.

Best Minimal Dopp Kit: MZ Wallace Bleecker Nylon Dopp Kit

Nylon dopp kit for men.

While your weekender bag and travel jacket can be a little more flashy, it’s nice to have minimal accessories sometimes. This durable nylon dopp kit, done up in all-black, is a perfect example of how to haul your gear with minimalist fashion in mind.

Best Fashionable Toiletry Bag: Paul Smith Grey Leather-Trimmed Wash Bag

Stylish wash bag for men.

Paul Smith spares no expense when it comes to elegant menswear in all its forms, including this elegant toiletry bag made for travel to equally elegant destinations. It’s an investment in terms of price, but pays off in both looks and utility.

Best Affordable Dopp Kit: Everlane ReNew Catch-All Case

Sustainable catch-all case for men.

Everlane intends for its affordable and transparently made catch-all case to do a little bit of everything, kind of like the affordable and go-anywhere menswear made by the brand. For just $30, this is an incredibly well-made steal of a dopp kit.

Best Luxury Toiletry Bag: Montblanc Nightflight Leather-Trimmed Canvas Wash Bag

Luxury toiletry bag for men.

Montblanc has long gone the extra mile as far as ensuring even the smallest items in your life are made with the utmost care. When you want to splurge on a frankly incredible toiletry bag, turn towards this soft leather and canvas version from a famed brand.

Other Dopp Kits and Toiletry Bags We Love

Topo Designs Dopp Kit

Stylish men's dopp kit.

Topo Designs excels at taking you from the town to the trail and back, with hardly a change of gear needed. Here, they’ve blended durable materials with handsome leather to create a nicely sized dopp kit for adventures of all sorts.

Filson Cordura Ripstop Wash Bag

Cordura toiletry bag for men.

When you want a dependable toiletry bag to use for trip after trip, it’s best to turn toward a brand you can trust. It’s even better if that brand has a century-long heritage of making the toughest gear around, like Filson.

Nisolo Durango Waxed Canvas Dopp Kit

Waxed canvas dopp kit for men.

This dopp kit is both ethically made and seriously stylish and well-constructed, making it a major winner in our book. Better still, you can pick up some sleek Nisolo leather boots for your next fall adventure, too.

Victorinox Lexicon Toiletry Kit


When it comes to getting your everyday carry on point, Victorinox has the expertise you need. Take this innovative toiletry kit, packed with the proper bells and whistles (and storage space) to make your next trip a breeze.

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