Sink Your Toes into the Best Summer Socks of 2017

best summer socks mackweldonfeaturedimagesocks
Who would have thoughts that the best style coming out this spring and summer are honed in the pure basics: socks.

The prints are bolder, yet more refined, the sewing methods are giving new meaning to all-day, all-activity comfort and wear, and the price points are beckoning us to finally toss the worn, hole-ridden, and singleton pairs clogging your drawer.

Here are the best men’s socks to wear this spring and summer.

FITS – Ultra Light Runner ($15.99)

best summer socks fitssocks

Fresh off the sewing machine this spring, FITS’ new no-show athletic sock features a new knitting pattern (forms to your foot like it was the work of a tailor) and soft materials that make the weave ultra-light and wearable all-day. While most athletic socks pack built-in cushioning— a feature that turns your foot into a sauna during spring/summer months— there’s zero fill in these babies. The Ultra Light is made from a blend of next-to-skin Merino, Polyester, Lycra Spandex, and Nylon. Think of these as the perfect vacation sock that can be worn during your morning workout, then the rest of the day to climb ruins or ATV. (Then wear them again tomorrow.)

Mack Weldon – Casual Sock ($14.50)

best summer socks mackweldoncasualsocks

We’re in the midst of a basics revolution, where fashion experts are looking to innovate the simple, yet essential basics we wear every day (i.e. socks and underwear). Mack Weldon is a huge player in this arena, believing one sock should be able to do it all, and do it damn well. Weldon’s Casual socks blend the technical oomph of a fitness sock with the refined aesthetic of a dress sock, in an extended crew length with seamless tow and cushioned footbed (aka, comfort even in stiff dress shoes). One buyer compared the wear to, “being licked by a group of adorable puppies.” So there’s that. Plus, each combed cotton, soft-as-heck Casual has ribbed cuffs to keep them up and secure from 8-5. As much as we love the Weldon Blue, go wild and opt for the camo-inspired True Black Multi. We keep seeing this print pop up in new collections so hop on the trend bus before your friends.

Ace and Everett – The Caspar ($26)

best summer socks aceandeverett

Unlike your run-of-the-mill argyle, checkered, or striped, The Caspars refresh your sock game with a highly-unique “bulldozer tread” pattern. The intricately-textured link pattern runs up the mid-calf and is topped by a band of solid color. Obviously, our favorites this spring are the Robin’s Egg blue and Emerald Green, but it’s worth buying the Siren Red as well for a classy take on mismatched Fourth of July socks (paired with the Robin’s Egg, of course). In terms of the construction, using a rare double-cylinder jacquard knitting machine, each sock features a sensual texture, making the inside of the sock just as beautiful as the outside. Added perk: these socks are proudly made in the USA by the fifth-generation family-run hosiery… so the quality is, well, ace.

Arvin Goods – Socks ($25 for 2 pairs)

best summer socks arvingoodssocks

This Kickstarter company, which raised $12,643 to produce socks and underwear that are good for the planet, takes a waterless, zero-waste approach to producing its goods. “We are confident we can make sustainable accessories that are stylish and not harmful to your body or our planet, all at a fair price,” the Founders said. They’re doing so by using a closed-loop production process— meaning each sock or underoo is composed of 100-percent post-industrial materials, like fabric scraps. Plus their fiber and yarn production facility is 50 percent solar powered. #radical. The final result of so much care toward the sock-making process is a crew and no show that double as style and workout pieces made with zero harmful chemicals. Yes, it does feel better wearing socks that are made to do better. Plus the color blocking on the crews is spot on, using flashes of eggplant, mustard, and stone.

Jimmy Lion – Aloha Collection (€10 per pair)

best summer socks hulasalohasocks

Bring a dose of island vibes to any city with Jimmy Lion’s 2017 Aloha collection of colorful crews. Heck yes, you should pair these with a slick suit to the office or on a long weekend to the Hamptons. Ironically, Jimmy Lion Founders Alvaro and Felipe left their investment banking jobs back in 2012 to launch a start-up in New York, where they ended up in the fashion industry. Out of a sense that socks were a neglected category, the two dove into the accessory. The result has been bold and anything but bashful, and this new Aloha collection is no exception. The mix of Hawaii-inspired patterns include hula dancers, hibiscus and leafs, sharks, parrots, sea turtles, and dancing ukulele rhythms. The collections summons a vintage 1950s feel that is playful yet clean.

Nice Laundry – Sock Box ($49 for 6 pairs)

best summer socks nl2 ghost 2048x2048 crop center

If you’re in the market for a complete overhaul of your spring/summer sock drawer (time to pack away thick winter woolies and toss those lonely singletons), Nice Laundry wants to make picking out a selection of new, stylish socks as simple as going to Chipotle. And as men, we’re thankful for that. Build your own box from Nice Laundry’s selection of spotlight designs, no shows, patterned, bold, and dress. And not one pair looks like another. We love the retake of the Cosby sweater in sock form and brilliant color blocking. And although the colors are vibrant, even the teal and orange reference a more earthy tone than neon. After purchasing, take the old, worn, and single socks you tossed from your drawer and ship them to Nice Laundry (they provide the shipping label in your package). Nice Laundry does the nice thing by making sure these old accessories are recycled responsibly and efficiently, via a partnership with 2ReWear Inc.

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