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The 10 Best Slides for Men to Buy Right Now

There’s a difference between the slides you’ve got in your closet now, and the slides you should be wearing. The best slides for men blend style with plenty of laidback, easygoing appeal, all the better to step into on hot days as you head to the pool or the beach. There are men’s sandals for every taste and every budget, and this is great news: You don’t want to have to resort to wearing your sneakers to the pool, after all. Our favorite picks have the potential to replace just about every other pair of sandals in your rotation. There’s never been a better time to get outside.

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Best Overall Slides for Men: Lacoste Croco Sliders in Black

Image used with permission by copyright holder

Wearing slides should be fun (you’re hanging out near the water, after all). These croc-logo slides from a classic brand embrace the spirit of “fun in the sun,” and they do so without breaking the bank (they retail for under $40). The only thing missing now is a pair of tailored swim trunks and a timeless Lacoste polo. That’s beach-going gear all sorted out.

Best Colorful Beach Slides for Men: Amiri Logo Pool Slides

AMIRI Logo Pool Slides

Like we said earlier, you need to have a little bit of fun (to say the least) when getting dressed for the pool or the beach. Shake things up with a pop of color via these bright blue, ocean-esque logo slides. They’re an investment in getting dressed with carefree style in mind.

Best Slides to Wear to the Pool: SWIMS Lounge Pool Slides

SWIMS Lounge Pool Slides

A day at the pool or on the water brings with it all manner of activities, and with that in mind, you want pool slides that can handle a little bit of everything. These lightweight webbed slides can get wet without fear of long-term damage, and the use of spandex makes them a comfortable option for your feet.

Best Luxury Slides: Gucci Logo-Appliqued Leather Slides

Gucci Logo Slides
Mr. Porter

Yes indeed, there’s certainly such a thing as a pair of luxury slides, and Gucci is certainly the brand to prove that sentiment. These are an eye-catching and seriously cool pair, with all the premium quality and design you’d expect from the iconic luxury fashion brand.

Best Heritage-Quality Slides: Allen Edmonds Nantucket Slides

Allen Edmonds Nantucket Slides
Allen Edmonds

You very well might know Allen Edmonds for the brand’s durable, rugged, and premium boots and sneakers, but they’ve also got you covered with more leisurely options, too. These aptly named Nantucket Slides feature leather detailing on the strap. They’re also ideal for coastal getaways when you want to swap out your Allen Edmonds chukka boots or boat shoes.

Other Slides We Love

Happy Socks Striped Pool Sliders

Happy Socks Striped Pool Slides
Happy Socks

These colorful striped sliders add a little something else to your next pool or beach-ready look, not unlike how Happy Socks themselves can take a classic ensemble to the next level. Toss ’em in your beach bag without a second thought the next time you head to the water.

Adidas Adilette Slides

Adidas Adilette Slides

The three-stripe Adidas slides are instantly recognizable, wildly comfortable and incredibly easy to wear with loungewear and swim shorts alike. They’ve been a reliable choice as far as the best slides for men are concerned, and they remain that way to this day. They’re a no-brainer when it comes time to upgrade your slides.

Boss Bay Logo Slide Sandals

BOSS Bay Logo Slide Sandals

You’ve likely got a Hugo Boss dress shirt or suit in your wardrobe, but your casual, off-duty style needs a bit of Boss every now and again, too. These bold logo slides are an easy choice if you want to amp up your footwear with some color and spark, especially if your swim trunks lean more classic and straightforward.

Vans Slide-On Sandals

VANS Logo Slide Sandals

As with a few of our other favorite brands making the best men’s slides, there’s more than a good chance that you’ve got some other Vans gear in your wardrobe. The brand’s sneakers are certified classic, but these sandals are an easy-to-wear option when you want to let your feet breath a bit more.

Thom Browne Trompe l’Oeil Slide Sandals

Thom Browne Trompe l'Oeil Slide Sandals

Thom Browne changed the way men shop for and wear suits, and there’s now a very good chance he’ll be changing your sandals rotation, as well. These are an impeccable luxury option as far as the best slides for men are concerned, and if you’re feeling especially bold, you could wear them with a linen suit to a waterfront wedding or a beachfront cocktail hour.

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