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11 Best Skate Shoes for Any Occasion

Skate shoes have come to find a home at just about everyone’s front door, regardless of whether there is a skate deck within miles. No longer are skate shoes bulky, built to outlast hours of destruction from an abrasive grip tape and hopeful nollie flips. Today, the skate shoe is worn by most with just as much — if not more — style than any other shoe on the market. When it comes down to it, the skate shoe can and will be your everyday footwear, ready for the date night and the handrail you’ve been eyeing for years.

Nike SB Zoom Stefan Janoski RM Premium

If you know Nike SB then you surely know the footwear from Stefan Janoski. The RM Premium is a classic with a hint of flare. The leather is soft yet durable enough for a 360 varial. With Nike’s Zoom Air unit in the liner, there isn’t any step to be wary of. Whether on the board or in a linen suit, the Zoom Stefan Janoski RM Premium is simply a premium skate shoe.

Vans Era

vans era navy

Skate shoes that look at home on the skate and yacht deck are few and far between, but that’s why the Vans Era is five eyelets of perfection. The signature Vans Waffle Outsole sets the tone for this classic low-top. The Vans Era has all the class necessary for a cocktail hour and a late-night session.

Adidas Liberty Cup x Chewy Cannon Shoes

Aspiring to the ’90s tennis court but built for the skated streets, the Liberty Cup x Chewy Cannon Shoes are ready for all 24 hours of your day, especially if you pair them with khakis and a peacoat. The outsole is matched with a leather upper while the Bounce midsole keeps your feet smiling with every kick and push. The Liberty Cup x Chewy Cannon Shoes want the noseslide but will suffice with all-night you-call-its.

Supra Chino


It’s easy when the name details out the rest of the outfit. The Supra Chino is a simple canvas skate shoe that thrives in and out of the emptied pool. The collar and tongue are lightly padded for all your kickflipping needs, and when it’s time for dinner with the in-laws, the Chinos are going to seal the deal of approval.

Etnies Jameson Vulc

Etnies Jameson Vulc

The Etnies Jameson Vulc is the stripped-down-to-bare-bones skate shoe you need when the day starts with a cafe date and the night brings rails and bowls. The recycled PU foam insole, one-piece toe box, and the RCT tread are the foundation of Etnies.

New Balance Midtop Skate

New Balance Midtop Skate

These are not the iconic New Balance dad shoes — these are the NB Midtop Skate shoes. Suede and canvas are on top, supported by a vulcanized rubber outsole to handle the deck and inclement terrain. The Midtop Skate is refined and versatile. And laced up with some Stance socks? Best call the lion tamer.

Lakai Riley 2

Lakai Riley 2

If you don’t own a burgundy velvet suit, it may be time to pick one up and then slide into these Lakai Riley 2 shoes. The appearance is clean with two eyelets to synch everything down for when the skate gets serious. The Riley 2 has hidden gussets and modern lines to keep your trotters happy. After a session at the park, these suede skate shoes are ready for anything and everything that follows.

State Pacifica Shoes

State Pacifica Shoes

Herringbone tread, double-wrapped foxing tape for the nollie varials, and vulcanized outsoles propel the State Pacifica Shoes from the skatepark to the dinner date. The stitch and perforated tongue add the perfect essence and complete the look. The State Pacifica Shoes are, by all means, a skate shoe, but when it’s time to squad up at TGIF Fridays, it’s daiquiris for days.

Globe Attic

Globe Attic Shoes

Boat shoes, skate shoes, date shoes, Globe Attic Shoes. The Attic Shoe’s appearance puts you the port side deck but don’t be fooled because this shoe is casually durable. The Attic Shoe is for the lazy Sundays when you know your board is going to get you from A to B, but what happens in between requires your get-up to be adaptable. No matter what day of the week or flavored latte in hand, the Globe Attic Shoes are waiting for you to slip them on.

DC T-Funk Hi S

DC T-Funk Hi Skate Shoes

It’s like the little black cocktail dress you always need to have pressed and ready to hit the town, but the form of a skate shoe with a little Chotchkie’s flare. The DC T-Funk Hi Skate Shoes are the iconic black high-top that you have to have with an outsole that looks like you stepped in some marshmallow fluff wearing a Southwestern theme around the ankle. The T-Funk Hi Skate Shoes are just as ready for the 15 stairs set as they are giving the bouncer the nod and right on back to VIP bottle service.

Huf Dylan Slip On Shoes

HUF Dylan Slip On Shoes

Just because the HUF Dylan Slip On Shoes don’t have any laces certainly doesn’t mean they’re not street worthy. Built with the durability of any other skate shoe the market, the Dylan Slip On is streamlined with comfort and style. The thick-cut suede is treated to fight off kickflip abuse and prolong the life of the shoe. The Dylan Slip On Shoes will dominate the playing field from backyard barbecue, coveted cocktail gathering, and most importantly, out rolling around the streets.

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