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The best chains for men: How to dress up any outfit

Our top 5 picks for the best chains for men

Mejuri Dog Tag Necklace

Chains for men are a bold statement around your neck, and they’re so unique compared to any other type of jewelry. Whether you choose ostentatious gold or the understated appeal of silver, necklaces for men effortlessly transition an outfit in a subtle way, without looking like you’re trying too hard. Silver and gold chains are refined accessories, especially for those new to jewelry or hesitant about flashier options.

Mejuri Dog Tag Necklace

Chains for men are trending

Chains for men are trending at the moment, with all the top celebrities wearing them, including Taylor Swift’s boyfriend Travis Kelce, actor Timothée Chalamet, and singer Lenny Kravitz. Gone are the days when necklaces for men were only worn by men like Tony Soprano (though he looked exceptionally cool wearing one.) They’re now in their redemption arc and showcase great taste in accessories.

Our top picks for necklaces for men

All Blues Hook Sterling-Silver Necklace
All Blues

The landscape of men’s accessories is ripe for exploration and we’re here to guide you in picking the perfect one for you. We’ve curated a selection of 5 top-tier chains for men, ranging from bold links to super subtle pieces.

1. TOM WOOD Silver Anker Chain NecklaceTOM WOOD Silver Anker Chain Necklace

A Scandinavian design with a touch of urban street cred, the Tom Wood Silver Anker Chain Necklace is made from sterling silver, and features a classic anchor chain design that looks incredibly classy. The sterling silver material adds a little bit of luxurious shine to the piece, while the anchor chain design adds to the necklace’s overall look with some extra “oomph” or “je ne sais quoi.” The length is perfect for styling with an array of shirt collars, making it super versatile, and it fits in with casual or more formal looks.

2. Mejuri Dog Tag Necklace

Mejuri Dog Tag Necklace

Crafted from high-quality sterling silver, the Cable Chain Tag Necklace from Mejuri features a classic cable chain design with a minimalist tag pendant. The pendant size measures 18 mm x 12 mm, adding a subtle yet upscale focal point to the piece. With a chain length of 22 inches and a thickness of 2 mm, this necklace is incredibly comfortable, meaning you can wear it every single day without being bothered by the presence of feeling it around your neck. One pretty cool aspect of this necklace is that you can have custom engraving added to the tag for free, giving it a bit more sentimental value (perhaps one of those ‘I love mom’ hearts with an arrow through it?)

3. Johnny Nelson All Power Fist NecklaceJohnny Nelson All Power Fist Necklace

The All Power Fist Stud Small Pair necklace from Johnny Nelson NYC is striking in its feel of empowerment. This chain for men features a power fist design, symbolizing strength, unity, and solidarity. Measuring 16mm high, this necklace can be bought in both gold vermeil and sterling silver, so it can suit any taste or wardrobe. This chain has a bold aesthetic, naturally, with a fist that gives off activism vibes. Essentially, it’s your next accessory for that Saturday morning protest.

4. Jaxxon Curb ChainJaxxon Curb Chain

The Curb Chain 3mm Silver necklaces for men are made with top-quality silver and have a classic curb link design, giving you a balance between refined and edgy. With a width of 3mm, this chain is subtle yet still packs a punch. It works well with your daily outfit, adding a little shine to your streetwear, and certainly gives a date night look the formal vibes you should go for. The versatile design of this piece makes it a staple for any man’s jewelry collection, as it goes so well with anything.

5. All Blues Hook Sterling-Silver Necklace

All Blues Hook Sterling-Silver Necklace
All Blues

Made with sterling silver, the All Blues Hook sterling-silver necklace epitomizes minimalism but with a little extra. It features a unique hook-shaped pendant that adds a touch of modernity to your outfit without looking like you’re trying too hard. With its minimalist aesthetic, the All Blues Hook necklace gives off an effortless air. The pendant’s distinctive shape, looking somewhat like a fancy paperclip, makes it a statement piece that can be worn alone as the focal point of your outfit or layered with other necklaces to really grab attention.

How to wear chains for men

Jaxxon Curb Chain

To wear necklaces for men, you should consider the following tips:

Choose the right length: The length of your chain should complement the neckline of your outfit. Shorter chains work well with crew necks, while longer ones go with open collars or V-neck shirts. You certainly don’t want a chain bunching up around your neckline.

Layering: Experiment with layering different chain lengths for a more fashion-forward look. Make sure they compliment each other and don’t look overwhelming on your neck; less is more.

Consider the occasion: Opt for simpler chains at work and save the bold styles for nighttime at the club. A subtle chain can really add a little extra to a formal outfit without distracting from the rest of your look.

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