Combat Gent-Your Best Ammo for Under $200

best ammo 200 combagent

Whether navigating office politico or upgrading a wardrobe on a tight budget a young professional’s career can be a battle on many fronts. We found the ammo to win the war on your wallet…at least in terms of your work wardrobe. Online retailer Combatant Gentlemen (Combat Gent for short) offers suits and other basics under $300 with tailored fits.

When we saw that their company mission included both craft beer and men’s fashion it was clearly a match made in heaven. We hope it is for you too.

Combat Gent offers suits starting at $160 with a pretty accurate tailoring feature on the site (We tried it out for you). They also offer basic shirts, ties and knits. When you buy a suit or shirt on their site you can actually see where they sourced the goods too. Combat Gent is definitely a go-to for professional basics. The site is even outfitting for weddings with suits and tuxes starting at that same $160 price point. So if you need to outfit your best men, it is worth a look.

Learn more about Combatant Gentleman here.

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