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Tempur-Pedic Presidents Day Sale 2022 — Save up to $500

Presidents Day sales are upon us and we’ve spotted some fantastic offers on Tempur-Pedic mattresses. If you’re looking to save big on some pretty sweet and comfortable mattresses, the Tempur-Pedic mattress sales are the ones you need to check out. Right now, you can save plenty of cash. Read on while we take you through the highlights.

Best Presidents Day Tempur-Pedic Mattress Deals

  • Tempur-Cloud Mattress — from $1,190, was from $1,699
  • Tempur-Adapt Mattress — from $1,799, was from $1,899
  • Temper-Breeze Mattress — from $3,599, was from $3,899

Tempur-Cloud Mattress — from $1,190, was from $1,699

A man and a woman on a Tempur-Cloud mattress in a blue bedroom.

Why Buy

  • Great value
  • Four layers of comfort
  • Conforms to your body shape
  • Breathable material

Finding the best Tempur-Pedic mattress for you can start with one of the cheaper Tempur-Pedic mattresses — the Tempur-Cloud mattress. It offers a choice of two comfort styles. You can opt for the Tempur-Cloud Medium or the Medium Hybrid. The former is made from a combination of soft and firm Tempur material so you get the perfect medium feel. It provides you with superior conforming comfort and motion isolation so you can sleep soundly at night, even if you move around a lot. The Medium Hybrid adds to that with the addition of premium spring coils so you get extra bounce. That means easier movement and more edge support too, which can be useful if you move frequently at night.

Whichever option you pursue, you get four layers of protection as a minimum with the Medium Hybrid bundling on the coil-based layer too. At the top is a 360-degree stretch cover that promises to offer moisture-wicking properties that mean better breathability and airflow compared to many competitors. Then there’s the comfort layer which is designed to be soft, responsive, and provide cushioning for every part of your body. A support layer follows then which is firmer but slowly adapts and conforms to the shape of your body. It delivers pressure-relieving power as you sleep so nothing feels sore. Finally, a foam base layer wraps things up, ensuring you get all-night support and durability.

Promising up to 40% more pressure-relieving power than its competition, the Tempur-Cloud is a delight to sleep on. Expertly designed, it’s sure to make a huge difference to how well you sleep at night. It’s so much more than just a regular memory foam mattress. You can’t put a price on a good night’s sleep.

Tempur-Adapt Mattress — from $1,799, was from $1,899

Tempur Adapt in a bedroom environment.

Why Buy

  • Motion isolation technology
  • Great protection at night
  • Fantastic pressure relief
  • Excellent use of memory foam

The Tempur-Adapt Mattress is a pretty great medium-range mattress from Tempur-Pedic. It promises life-changing sleep thanks to its ability to adapt to your weight, shape, and even your temperature. Each mattress features multiple layers of proprietary materials that were originally developed by NASA. That means you get the best support and pressure-relieving properties. As the name suggests, it adapts to every point of contact from your body throughout the night so you always get a comfy night’s sleep. There’s a choice of Medium or Medium Hybrid so you can pick out just the right fit for you. Both offer a Tempur-ES Comfort Layer which provides you with a softer feel as you snooze, while the bottom layer is a support layer that offers advanced, all-night adaptability so you get truly personalized comfort throughout the night. The Medium Hybrid option then adds on spring coils if they suit your needs.

Everything about the Tempur-Adapt Mattress is focused on a good night’s sleep through extensive pressure relief. Via a unique viscous response, the force of your body and all its individual pressure points is fully absorbed by the mattress. That way, it reduces tossing and turning and helps you get a better night’s sleep.

On top of that, it provides superior motion isolation. Thanks to its unique materials, any movement is isolated so if you or your partner move about in their sleep frequently, the other person won’t be affected. It’s unmatched motion cancelation so you’re really going to get a great night’s sleep here, even if you’re sharing with someone. After all, astronauts need to be cushioned while they travel so why not transfer that technology to your home? It’s the kind of night’s sleep you’ve dreamt of, and good dreams are likely to happen when you sleep more soundly with this mattress.

Temper-Breeze Mattress — from $3,599, was from $3,899

Tempur Breeze in a bedroom environment.

Why Buy

  • Extensive cooling properties
  • Choice of mattress types
  • Very comfortable
  • Motion isolation

One of the best cooling mattresses available right now, the Tempur-Breeze offers up four layers of highly breathable material to keep you cool while you rest. Available in two versions, there’s the PRObreeze which helps you feel up to three degrees cooler, and there is also the LUXEbreeze which aims to make you feel up to eight degrees cooler. In both cases, you get four active layers of support and comfort. The top layer is a cool-to-the-touch SmartClimate cover that offers up embedded cooling fibers for maximum comfort. Then, there’s the PureCool+ Phase Change Material which pulls away any excess heat that’s on your body.

Following that is the Tempur-CM+ comfort layer which allows heat and humidity to flow through the material easily. Finally, the bottom layer is a smart pressure-relieving material with a breathable design. If you go for the LUXEbreeze, another layer adds ventilation for additional cooling power too. If you hate getting warm at night, this is the mattress for you. However, it’s also the ideal mattress for great comfort.

The company has done its research to make sure you get an optimal night’s sleep. After all, those in a cooler environment tend to sleep better and longer with less tossing and turning. A comfortable mattress helps out here too. With extensive pressure relief, you’ll never feel uncomfortable in bed again. There’s motion cancellation too so any time your sleeping partner moves in their sleep, you won’t be disturbed. Each of the layers works together to ensure the ideal night’s sleep, no matter what the weather, your physical health, or what’s on your mind. Sleep is such an important part of daily life, and really sets you up for the day, so this mattress is the ultimate investment for a better life.

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