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These are the best apps for following the 2022 World Cup

Stay up to date with the latest World Cup news

The 2022 FIFA World Cup has started. Many of us already know where we can watch the games, provided work and life obligations don’t get in the way. But the truth is, it’s pretty much impossible for all of us to watch every single game on TV. The solution? Download any of the following apps and receive all the information directly on your cell phone; it doesn’t matter if you are an iOs or Android user.


The official source for everything related to soccer in general (and the World Cup in particular) is completely free. Plus, you can rewatch iconic matches and discover untold stories of your favorite soccer players, all while getting news, live games, match scores, and more. Take your soccer love to the next level with FIFA+.

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Android iOS


Although this app offers coverage of more than ten sports, it is particularly focused on soccer. In fact, if you wish, you can choose not to see the information on other activities, such as tennis, car racing, hockey, basketball, etc. With 365Score, one can choose a favorite team in order to receive complete coverage of the preview of each game, such as possible lineups, related news, and details on the status of each player. This app also offers an attractive game narration system with data and graphics so that the sensation is similar to when we see a match on television. Oh, and it has a spatial interface for Apple Watch.

Android iOS


Sports lovers have a good partner in SofaScore. This app, which claims to deliver notifications faster than on television, covers American football, ice hockey, tennis, basketball, soccer, cricket, baseball, motorsports, and even darts.

Android iOS


It is impossible to make a list of the best apps to follow live results and leave out Soccerway. This app was created in 1994, has more than a million followers, and covers more than 700 soccer leagues around the world. It is for the most fanatical of this sport (or for those who are really interested in following the competitions in Afghanistan, Bhutan, Cyprus, Fiji, or the Estonian fourth division). The app is available in 17 languages. In addition to statistics and live results, Soccerway offers information on a large database of players.

Android iOS


Another of the most popular applications of the moment. It offers a simple yet attractive design that many soccer fans will appreciate. The first time you use the app, the user is asked to choose a favorite team and league, so that the user experience is more personalized. There is a complete schedule of matches so users can organize themselves, as well as a news section so that fans are aware of the latest news about this sport. There is also constant information on the state of the footballers, especially their most relevant injuries and statistics; the app can also compare different players.

Android iOS

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