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The 10 Best Dumbbells to Buy for Your Home Workouts

Lifting weights is one of the best ways to build muscle and develop a head-turning, lean, sculpted physique, and having your own dumbbells brings the power of one of the most effective strength-training tools in the gym to your own home. Unfortunately, a full set of traditional dumbbells takes up a lot of room, so if you don’t have an entire garage or basement available to dedicate to your workout space, dumbbells aren’t always the most practical option.

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Adjustable dumbbells solve this issue, but often carry their own inherent drawbacks, and if your dumbbell workout requires a bunch of different weights, you’ll be spending a fair amount of time adjusting the weights. However, there certainly are some solid choices on the market and below, we’ve rounded up what we consider to be the 10 best dumbbells for home workouts.

Best Overall: NordicTrack 55 lb. Select-a-Weight Dumbbell Pair

The NordicTrack Select-a-Weight Dumbbell Pair takes the prize for our overall pick due to their quality, comfort, functionality, and ease of use. As with any set of adjustable dumbbells, you save a tremendous amount of space compared to buying an equivalent set of individual pairs; for example, this set of two replaces 30 dumbbells.

However, when opting for adjustable dumbbells, you usually have to make significant sacrifices in quality and comfort, and are left with a cumbersome product that’s not particularly user-friendly or quickly adjusted. Fortunately, NordicTrack has found a way to sidestep — or at least minimize — these downsides with its well-designed adjustable weights. The set provides a maximum weight of 110 pounds. Each of the dumbbells can be manipulated through 15 weight increments and adjusted from 10–55 pounds in either 2.5- or 5-pound increments.

Most Versatile: Pinroyal 4-In-1 Adjustable Dumbbell Set

Investing in any home exercise equipment is a better value and easier sell whenever the equipment is multifunctional. These adjustable dumbbells bring versatility to your strength training game because they can be transformed into four different training implements: dumbbells, barbells, kettlebells, and elevated push-up handles. The set maxes out at 88 pounds, with each of the individual dumbbells adjustable from 5.5–44 pounds, though lighter sets (44 pounds and 66 pounds) are also available.

The included connectors allow you to assemble a barbell with a load ranging from 11–88 pounds. Most adjustable dumbbells cannot be modified into kettlebells, but this set navigates that transformation quite convincingly, and the kettlebell handles are comfortable, solid, and ergonomic, even with the modular weight plates. This makes the functionality of this set and its overall quality quite impressive. The handles are coated with a textured, non-slip surface, while the interior of the weights themselves is made of composite material and iron sand.

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Best Hex Dumbbells Set: Cap Barbell Rubber Coated Hex Dumbbell Set

For guys who want to avoid the hassle of constantly needing to interrupt their workout between sets to manually alter their adjustable dumbbells, there’s nothing wrong with choosing to equip your home gym setup with more traditional dumbbells. This set, which comes from one of the most recognized names in the free weight industry, includes five pairs of rubber hex dumbbells: 10-pound, 15-pound, 20-pound, 25-pound, and 30-pound pairs. The hexagonal ends prevent rolling and make the weights easier to store and stack. The knurling on the steel handles provides a non-slip grip surface even if your palms get sweaty as you dominate the final few sets of your workout.

Best Smart Dumbbells: Jaxjox Dumbbell Connect Digital Dumbbell Set

For a high-tech option that can help take your strength training to the next level, you can’t go wrong with the Jaxjox Dumbbell Connect Digital Dumbbell Set. The set includes two dumbbells that can each be individually adjusted from 8-50 pounds in six-pound increments. Unlike any other set of adjustable dumbbells, you don’t need to manually do anything to change the weight. Instead, you simply select the weight you desire, push a button, and the dumbbells are ready within seconds.

The dumbbells also sync to the Jaxjox app, which tracks your reps, sets, volume, and workout duration. It also produces metrics like average power, and keeps track of your stats so you can track your progress. The weights are constructed from machined steel, and the set comes with portable cradles for storage.

Best Adjustable Set: Nüobell 80 Pound Dumbbells

Though most adjustable dumbbells max out around 50 pounds each, this pair clocks in at an impressive 160 pounds, with each providing 5–80 pounds of muscle-building weight. They are easy to adjust with the simple turn of a dial, and can be modified in 5-pound increments. The thin, disc-shaped weight plates are constructed from machined steel and give the dumbbells a sleek appearance. The design also helps prevent any movement or rattling between the plates during use. Like our other favorite dumbbells, the handles on the Nüobells are knurled to help prevent them from slipping out of your hands as you work up a sweat. They come in molded plastic cradles for easy storage.

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Best Value: RitFit Adjustable Dumbbells 40—100 Pounds

This RitFit set is a great value because it’s quite customizable. You can purchase the set in different maximum weights (40, 50, 60, 80, and 100 pounds). We like the 80-pound set because it should provide most guys with ample resistance, and is a good economic value per pound. The set comes with pairs of cast iron plates of various weights that are coated in black rust-proof paint, and you can build your desired dumbbell weight by selecting the plates you need and securing them to the included dumbbell handles.

The solid chrome handles are knurled to prevent slipping and are ergonomically designed to optimize your grip strength. The other reason this set is a good value is because it includes a connector that allows the dumbbells to be converted to a barbell, which adds to the variety of exercises you can do.

Best Individual Dumbbells: Weider Rubber Hex Dumbbells

Buying single dumbbells isn’t typically the most economical option, unless you’re just in the market for a few specific weights. These dumbbells offer the ultimate flexibility in terms of purchasing options because you can buy them individually in five-pound increments in weights ranging from 5–95 pounds. The hexagonal rubber ends of these Weider dumbbells prevent rolling without imparting the chemical odor present in many cheaper coated or rubberized dumbbells. The chrome handle is partially knurled, offering a textured, non-slip grip for safe training.

Best High-Weight Capacity Dumbbell Handles: Annzoe Olympic Dumbbell Handles

Guys who plan on pumping some serious iron may want to consider investing in high-quality Olympic dumbbell handles and weight plates, which will give you the potential for near limitless progress. This sturdy set of handles is constructed from a heavy-duty solid chrome steel compound, which affords each dumbbell with an impressive 300-pound capacity (600 pounds total). The handles have a sleeve diameter of two inches, so they are compatible with 2-inch weights, and are knurled to enhance your grip. The handles are 20 inches long, so there’s plenty of usable length to load up the dumbbells for some serious lifts.

Most Ergonomic: Rogue Thompson Fatbells

The Rogue Thompson Fatbells certainly stand out from an appearance standpoint, as they clearly deviate from the classic dumbbell design we are familiar with. However, they are designed to optimize comfort, ergonomics, and performance. The handle is set inside the open-ended, cast-iron sphere weight, which the designer says allows your hand and the weight essentially to act as one and concentrates the center of mass.

The benefit of this unique design is that it reduces the shearing forces placed on your joints and distributes the load on your muscles and connective tissues more evenly. In many ways, the Fatbells blur the line between dumbbells and kettlebells, so they can be used for unique exercises like swings, snatches, and cleans. They come in a variety of weights and can be purchased individually, so you can pick and choose exactly what you need.

Best for Interactive Training: Bowflex SelectTech 560 Dumbbells

If real-time stats, cutting edge technology, and the latest and greatest bells and whistles, gives you that extra boost of motivation to give it your all as you push, press, and pull your way through your workout, the Bowflex SelectTech 560 Dumbbells might be the best way to go. It almost seems like referring to them as “dumbbells” significantly undermines what they really are. Dumbbells meet A.I. in these cutting-edge weights, resulting in a wholly reimagined strength training workout.

The Bowflex SelectTech 560 Dumbbells fuse the high-quality, high-performance adjustable dumbbells Bowflex has become known for with high-tech features like integrated Bluetooth tracking that connects to an app. You are able to capture all your workout stats like weight used, reps, sets, and volume, and access step-by-step video coaching with a 3D trainer, to help you nail your form on every rep. The dumbbells themselves provide a maximum weight of 120 pounds, with each adjustable from 5 to 60 pounds in 16 weight increments.

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