Best Cheap Dumbbell Deals for March 2021

If this pandemic has shown us anything, it’s that you don’t need much equipment to get a good workout in at home. Those of us who used to spend as much time at the gym as we did at home have had to get scrappy with exercise routines. Whether you’ve converted your garage into a home gym or you’re using your living room as a weight room, dumbbells are an important part of your home workout gear.

A good pair of dumbbells can give you a killer upper body workout that burns fat, builds muscle, and give you those nice rounded biceps and shoulders that you’ll want to be able to show off come summertime. Although there’s a variety of cheap dumbbell sets on the market today, if you want to compare all your options on the best dumbbell deals, look no further. Before purchasing a new set of weights, check out today’s best cheap dumbbell deals below.

Today’s Best Cheap Dumbbell Deals

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wolfyok Fitness Dumbbells Set

$115 $143
For an adaptable workout, the best thing you can do is get adjustable dumbbells. This dumbbell set can weigh from 12 to 44 pounds depending on what kind of exercise you want to try.
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Strong Man 8KG-25KG Adjustable Dumbbell Water-filled Barbells

$44 $132
Forget about buying multiple dumbbells, for Strong Man's dumbbells can be filled with water to help you adjust their weight according to your needs.
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Eazylyfe Adjustable 66-Pound Dumbbells Set

$216 $300
No need to worry about purchasing multiple gym equipment as this ergonomically-designed dumbbell can function as a kettlebell, a barbell, and a push-up bar to accommodate your go-to exercises.
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Sunny Health & Fitness 33lb Chrome Dumbbell Set w/ Carry Case

$64 $80
The dumbbells feature a slip-resistant, cross-hatched handlebar for maximum grip. What's cool about the set is it comes bundled with a plastic carrying case for an on-the-go fitness experience.
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TELK Adjustable Dumbbells

$210 $220
This 200-lb pair features rust-free cast iron weight plates in 5lb increments and textured chrome handles for a non-slip grip.
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Troy 5lb to 75lb Dumbbell Set with Rack

$3,375 $4,265
Keep your 15 pairs of 12-sided rubber-encased dumbbells organized with the scratch-resistant three-tier rack, which can accommodate a whopping 3,450lbs of dumbbells.
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YAHEETECH Adjustable 66.14-Pound Dumbbell Weight Set

$85 $130
With the weight plates encased in plastic, you can be assured that it won't damage the floor while you are doing home exercises. The handle's anti-rust iron plating ensures the dumbbell's longevity.
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BESPORTBLE 66LB Adjustable Dumbbell Weight Sets

$90 $300
The set includes a slip-resistant extension bar, converting your dumbbell into a barbell, and adjustable weights to push you to greater heights.
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1111Fourone 1 Pair Water Aerobics Dumbbell

$21 $41
111Fourone's striped aquatic dumbbells are crafted from quality EVA to prevent chipping and water absorption, ideal for indoor pools.
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RUNWE Adjustable Dumbbells and Barbell

$190 $250
RUNWE's all-in-one dumbbell helps you perform diverse exercises thanks to its adjustable dumbbell-barbell design and 12 weight sets in 4.4 lb. or 5.5 lb. increments.
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Adjustable Weight Dumbbell-Curl Barbell Set

$149 $180
Aterastyle's dumbbell set features a unique curved bar to help you perform a variety of exercises as well as a double nut anti-slip design to prevent the plates from falling during your workout.
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LEADNOVO Adjustable Weights Dumbbells Barbell Set

$170 $190
This dumbbell set offers not just weight adjustment but form versatility as well. It comes complete with a connecting rod so you can convert it into a barbell as you please.
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Flybird Adjustable Dumbbells

$130 $200
Increase the intensity of your workout with Flybird's ergonomic dumbbells, which can be adjusted in one hand for faster weight adjustment so that you have more time to focus on your training.
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DDFE Adjustable Dumbbell Lifting Set

$183 $228
Colored in head-turning lemon yellow, the dumbbells have thickened screws and deep threads for stability as well as neck and shoulder protection.
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Bowflex SelectTech 1090 Workout Dumbbell w/ Adjustable Weight

$2,769 $3,780
Jumpstart your day with Bowflex's adjustable dumbbell set, with weights ranging from 10 to 90 pounds for the ultimate fat-burning experience.
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KISS GOLD Adjustable Dumbbell Set

$150 $160
The polygon-shaped dumbbells can be adjusted from 32.4lbs to 64.8lbs to suit your needs. If you want to level up your fitness goals, a connecting rod is included to convert the dumbbell into a barbel.
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SKONYON Adjustable Dumbbell 25 lbs

$100 $130
This adjustable dumbbell employs a push-pull design to help you change its weight, ranging from 5 pounds to 25 pounds. No need to worry about staining your floorboards too due to its customized base.
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papababe Rubber-Coated Dumbbell Set

$73 $80
If you love exercising at home, the hexagon-shaped, rubber-coated heads prevent the dumbbells from rolling and damaging the floor and other home gym equipment.
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Power Systems Sales

Up to 70% off

Enjoy up to 70% on new, high-quality equipment with Power System's sale.
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CAP Neoprene-Coated Dumbbell Weights, Single

$2 $6
CAP's neoprene-coated soft and easy-to-grip dumbbells ensure that you can do your workouts comfortably and safely. The hexagon-shaped heads prevent the dumbbells from rolling when you're not using it.

How to Choose a Dumbbell

In the case of dumbbells, size does matter. You want to make sure you pick a size and weight that aligns with your current and future fitness goals. Depending on the kind of exercises you like to incorporate into your workout routine, you might require different dumbbell weights. In this case, you have a few options: you could pick up a few cheap dumbbell sets at varying weights, or you could score a deal on a set of adjustable dumbbells.

Fixed Dumbbells: These dumbbells come in a predetermined weight capacity (10 pounds, 15 pounds, etc.) and are typically what you’re used to seeing at your local gym. They’re durable, classic, and get the job done. Some fixed dumbbells even come with a rubber coating on both ends to protect your floors, which may be a worthwhile upgrade if you’re going to be using these types of weights at home. Multiple sets of fixed dumbbells can take up a lot of room, so if you’re low on space, only order what you think you’ll need to accomplish your workout.

Adjustable Dumbbells: If you don’t have a ton of spare room to house workout equipment, consider investing in adjustable dumbbells. These most often come with a set of metal weights you can attach to rods that allow you to customize your dumbbell workout routine. Spin-lock adjustable dumbbells are great for beginners and can grow with you as your strength increases and your workouts get more intense. Adjustable dumbbells are compact, versatile, and can be hidden away in a closet or under the bed when not in use.

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