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The Best Black Friday Dumbbell Deals for 2020: Shop Sales Now

We’re approximately eight months into this pandemic. Some of us have managed to keep up with our daily gym routines, while others have let more morning workouts slide than we’d like to admit. If you’re looking to get back into things, some new gym equipment and workout gear might do the trick. This year’s Black Friday deals are here, and, just like in previous years, there’s never been a greater time to save on incredible Black Friday deals on fashion apparel, best-of-year camping equipment, and more.

Dumbbells are a simple tool to help you get back into fighting shape with minimal equipment. The most introductory sets are inexpensive and, for city dwellers, take up little room, meaning you don’t need a dedicated workout space in your apartment or condo. They’re also deceptively simple, consisting of nothing more than a metal rod with matching weights attached at either end. How intricate can a bunch of solid metal be? The truth is, however, not all dumbbells are created equal. If you’re looking to buy a new set, it’s important to know your budget and understand your personal workout goals first. Before you run out and snatch up the cheapest set you can find this Black Friday, get the low-down on how to shop the proper dumbbells for you and where to score the best deals as well.

Best Black Friday Dumbbell Deals

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Power Systems Sales

Spend $275 to get 10% off

Add new equipment to your home gym with Power System's Black Friday sales, for every $275 spent, you get a discount. Time to stock up on dumbbells, strength training equipment, and more.
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Bowflex Sales

Save $50 with code FIT2020

Black Friday's the perfect time to add Bowflex equipment to your home gym with these discounts. You'll definitely be investing in equipment that will last a lifetime.
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Fitness First Urethane Encased Dumbbell Pairs

$364 $392
These urethane-encased dumbbell pair is notable for its textured chrome handle for a more secure grip, preventing the dumbbell from inflicting bodily injuries during your workout.
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CAP Neoprene-Coated Dumbbell Weights, Single

$20 $22
CAP's neoprene-coated soft and easy-to-grip dumbbells ensure that you can do your workouts comfortably and safely. The hexagon-shaped heads prevent the dumbbells from rolling when you're not using it.
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Troy 13-Pair Rubber-Encased Dumbbell Set With Rack

$1,995 $2,135
The set includes 13 pairs of rubber-encased dumbbells ranging from 3lbs to a whopping 50lbs to help you advance from a curious beginner to a muscular fitness junkie.
Expires soon

papababe Rubber-Coated Dumbbell Set

$140 $160
If you love exercising at home, the hexagon-shaped, rubber-coated heads prevent the dumbbells from rolling and damaging the floor and other home gym equipment.
Expires soon

DDFE Adjustable Dumbbell Lifting Set

$146 $228
Colored in head-turning lemon yellow, the dumbbells have thickened screws and deep threads for stability as well as neck and shoulder protection.
Expires soon

Bowflex SelectTech 1090 Workout Dumbbell w/ Adjustable Weight

$2,306 $3,780
Jumpstart your day with Bowflex's adjustable dumbbell set, with weights ranging from 10 to 90 pounds for the ultimate fat-burning experience.
Expires soon

Seesii Water-Filled Travel Dumbbells

$39 $73
Want a pair of dumbbells that will not cause bodily injuries? Seesii's dumbbells can save the day as they can hold up to 44lbs of water. They are also foldable, which is perfect for busy people.
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BestJ Adjustable Dumbbell Set

$330 $399
It comes bundled with a carrying case for convenience and an easy-to-assemble dumbbell set that can be converted into a barbell.
Expires soon

BESPORTBLE 66LB Adjustable Dumbbell Weight Sets

$94 $120
The set includes a slip-resistant extension bar, converting your dumbbell into a barbell, and adjustable weights to push you to greater heights.
Expires soon

Pixnor 44LB Dumbbell Weight Set Detachable Dumbbells

$105 $125
This detachable dumbbell set features a textured grip to ensure safety while you are toning your body at home.
Expires soon

SKONYON Adjustable Dumbbell 25 lbs

$95 $130
This adjustable dumbbell employs a push-pull design to help you change its weight, ranging from 5 pounds to 25 pounds. No need to worry about staining your floorboards too due to its customized base.
Expires soon

Costway 64 lbs Adjustable Weight Dumbbell Set

$120 $200
This adjustable dumbbell set by Costway is a great addition to your home gym. It has an anti-slip, comfortable, and ergonomic handle which makes it perfect for safer weight lifting.
Expires soon

Partrisee Adjustable Dumbbell Weight Barbell Set

$90 $100
The dumbbells' intricate iron cores are indeed noteworthy. However, the four connectors are equally remarkable as they ensure the dumbbells' stability and reduce the likelihood of accidents.
Expires soon

1111Fourone 1 Pair Water Aerobics Dumbbell

$21 $29
111Fourone's striped aquatic dumbbells are crafted from quality EVA to prevent chipping and water absorption, ideal for indoor pools.
Expires soon

Sunny Health & Fitness 33lb Chrome Dumbbell Set w/ Carry Case

$63 $80
The dumbbells feature a slip-resistant, cross-hatched handlebar for maximum grip. What's cool about the set is it comes bundled with a plastic carrying case for an on-the-go fitness experience.
Expires soon

JANSION 66 LB Dumbbell Weights with Dumbbell Connector

$300 $660
The set contains two pairs of spinlock collars and a slip-resistant grip for extra security during your workout, as well as adjustable weights to sculpt your body.
Expires soon

YAHEETECH Adjustable 66.14-Pound Dumbbell Weight Set

$120 $125
With the weight plates encased in plastic, you can be assured that it won't damage the floor while you are doing home exercises. The handle's anti-rust iron plating ensures the dumbbell's longevity.
Expires soon

Strong Man 8KG-25KG Adjustable Dumbbell Water-filled Barbells

$44 $132
Forget about buying multiple dumbbells, for Strong Man's dumbbells can be filled with water to help you adjust their weight according to your needs.

How to Choose a Dumbbell During Black Friday

Best Black Friday Cyber Monday Deals on Dumbbells

Although they’re simple tools, not all dumbbells are created equal. It’s essential to choose the right style and weight capacity for you this Black Friday. Even inexpensive dumbbell sets can last decades with regular use if you buy the proper set. If you’re planning to keep your new dumbbells for a long time, you might as well buy the set that works best for your current and future chest exercises or arm workout goals.

Fixed Dumbbells: The type familiar to most of us is fixed dumbbells. These are usually the most durable as they have no moving or connecting parts. However, a complete set takes up a lot of room, and they’re also the least flexible as each dumbbell offers only a fixed weight capacity (e.g., 10 pounds, 25 pounds, etc.) that cannot be changed. These are most often found at professional gyms. Fixed dumbbells are typically seen in rounded or hex shape. The weights of the latter are hexagonal in design with six flat bottoms that prevent them from rolling away once they’re put down. Consider upgrading to a rubber-coated set to protect your floors.

Adjustable Dumbbells: For a more compact, versatile alternative, consider adjustable dumbbells. These are just what they sound like. Often, a complete set includes two rods (one for each hand) and a collection of metal weights that attach to either end of each rod. The increments for adjustable dumbbell sets are determined by the particular set you purchase. In most cases, multiple weights can be attached to the end of each rod, so it’s easy to step up from a featherweight, beginner-friendly workout to something worthy of a Strongest Man competition. If you’re just getting started, spin-lock adjustable dumbbells are your best bet. They’re inexpensive, relatively durable, and an entire set is compact enough to slide under a bed. When you’re ready to set up up your lifting game, look to a set of quick-lock adjustable dumbbells from a brand like Ironmaster.

Where to Find the Best Dumbbell Sales

Almost every major big-box store and online retailer will offer amazing Black Friday deals this year. The most significant savings will likely be found online, so stay safe, stay home, and stay in your pajamas to shop the best deals on dumbbells and other equipment. Some retailers have already launched early bird deals on fitness equipment, while some are waiting until the long post-Thanksgiving weekend. Either way, if you can’t wait, you can find great deals at these outlets.

  • Dick’s Sporting Goods: Nationwide outdoor chain Dick’s Sporting Goods is already teasing up to 40% off deals on fitness equipment, including dumbbells.
  • Amazon: Amazon will undoubtedly return this year with major dumbbell deals for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Surprisingly, even many of the heaviest sets available offer free one- or two-day shipping for Amazon Prime members.
  • Walmart: The world’s largest retailer is sure to offer fantastic deals this Black Friday. But, it’s already hinting at what’s to come with incredible savings of up to 40% on Bowflex fitness equipment.

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