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The Best Air Mattress 2021: Which One Is Right for You?

Over the years the best air mattress was the one that stayed inflated with air. Happily, long gone are the days where you wake up in the middle of the night to a saggy and lifeless blow-up mattress. Even worse, having to find the pump, plug it in, and listen to that sound traveling through your home. Times have certainly changed, especially now that you can find comfortable air beds that can feel similar to the best mattresses out there. You can even find air mattresses with pumps built right into them to pump air into your bed while you sleep.

It used to be that air beds were used as camping air mattresses and you had to rely on hide-a-beds, a couch, or a spare bedroom (which wasn’t always available). An airbed mattress is quick, convenient, and you can store them easily. Mattress pumps have come a long way, too. These modern airbag mattresses can now be fully inflated in less than 5 minutes, which your sleepy guests will appreciate.

Just like your home mattress, the queen size air mattress is the most popular model but that’s not to say you can’t find a twin mattress or even that a king size air mattress wouldn’t do the trick. It just depends on where you are going to use it and who is going to sleep on it. Different to the best air mattresses for camping, here are some of the best air mattresses on the market today.

Coleman Premium Double High SupportRest Airbed


The name Coleman is synonymous with camping and popular outdoor products. This airbed with a built-in pump is perfect for home or camp, keeping you or your guests comfortable. Once fully inflated, the air mattress sits 18 inches high to keep you off the floor and for the ease of getting in and out of bed.

The premium double high mattress comes with an AirTight system and Double Lock valve to ensure the mattress stays full of air all night long. The ComfortStrong Coil Construction contours to your body and eliminates bulging for a more level sleeping surface. Storing the air mattress is a snap because you can deflate it and place it in the zippered storage bag.

SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress

SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress

Voted #3 in best air mattress, the SoundAsleep Dream series uses the ComfortCoil and SureGrip technology to keep the mattress firm and stable. The ComfortCoil system uses 40 internal air coils to help keep you supported throughout the night.

The top surface of the mattress is extra thick, waterproof, and is puncture resistant, and all made of environmentally friendly PVC. The internal pump will inflate the mattress in just under 4 minutes and it will stay inflated for days. It also features quick deflation and it will fold into its original shape so you can store it in the cloth bag.

Intex Dura-Beam Ultra Plush Pillow Top Air Mattress

Intex Dura-Beam Ultra Plush Pillow Top Air Mattress

One of the most unique inflatable air mattresses out there, this queen air mattress comes with a headboard. The Ultra-Plush air bed is so comfortable, it feels like a traditional spring mattress. You can adjust the firmness level of your air bed with a twist of a knob and the built-in pump will do the rest.

The 18-inch-high air mattress is made from Fiber-Tech Technology which is a high-strength polyester fiber that won’t stretch no matter how long or often you use it. The high headboard is great for keeping your pillow from falling off the bed in the middle of the night and it’s perfect for leaning against if you feel like finishing that book.

Serta Queen Air Mattress


It’s no wonder Serta would get into the air mattress business; they do know mattresses after all. This is the best air mattress for camping or for overnight guests. The mattress comes with two pumps, one for inflating the mattress and the other is the Never-Flat Pump system. The secondary pump monitors the air pressure throughout the night and will silently pump the mattress while you sleep.

You can customize your firmness level between plush, medium, or firm for a restful sleep. The extra height of the bed makes getting in and out easy and the 35 circular coils along with the reinforcements provide support and comfort all night long. This mattress is perfect for a camping trip, using it in the RV, or a tent. When you are ready to store the mattress, simply deflate it and place it in the carrying bag for later use.

Intex Dura-Beam Series Pillow Rest Airbed

Intex Dura-Beam Series Pillow Rest Raised Airbed

Intex, the maker of your favorite swimming pools also uses its technology to make one of the highest-rated mattresses perfect for camping or home use. It’s no surprise that Intex would make a quality air mattress that has incredible strength and durability. They also use Fiber-Tech Technology that enhances comfort and support.

The air mattress is 16.5 inches tall, has a built-in pillow, and has a weight capacity of roughly 600 pounds. The inflation time on the air mattress is roughly 3.25 minutes with the internal air pump. You won’t find any sagging or dipping in this mattress and it’s lighter than most similar air beds. You can transport and store the air mattress in a convenient carrying bag.

EnerPlex Queen Air Mattress

EnerPlex Queen Air Mattress

Another highly rated air mattress is the EnerPlex Air Mattress, which is available in 6 different sizes. Touted as a multipurpose air bed, you can take this waterproof mattress just about anywhere, including camping, as a travel bed, or for use in your home. The internal air pump will inflate your mattress is just about 2 minutes and it will deflate just as quickly!

Made from puncture-resistant PVC, the 16-inch tall mattress uses coil beam construction and has an adjustable comfort level. The premium quilted top uses leakproof technology and has welded seams that add to the durability of this mattress. Place the deflated mattress in the easy-to-use carrying bag for quick storage.

REI Co-op Kingdom Insulated Sleep System 40

REI Co-op Kingdom Insulated Sleep System 40

Arguably one of the best outdoor stores there is, REI has created one of the best inflatable mattresses around, offering proof you don’t always have to rough it when in the outdoors. The REI Co-op Kingdom Insulated Sleep System 40 is a queen size air mattress that includes a padded cover, insulated quilt, and a top sheet. The quilted mattress cover provides a soft and padded top layer.

This mattress has a 3.6 R-value, is comfort rated down to 40 degrees and comes with a hand pump and storage back. It may be an outdoor mattress but it will work just as well in your home. If we had any issues with the mattress, it would be that it doesn’t have a built-in pump but the quilted and comfortable features make up for that!

SleepLux Air Mattress

SleepLux Durable Inflatable Air Mattress

The SleepLux is probably one of the most high-tech air mattresses on the list because of its built-in USB port for your charging convenience. Once the pump is plugged in, the USB port is powered all night long so you never have to hunt for an extra outlet. Made with TriTech material, not only does it offer additional support and comfort, but it maintains its shape no matter how many times or how long you use it.

You can inflate and deflate the mattress in approximately 5 minutes with just a push of a button on the built-in pump. The mattress is one of the tallest, standing at 22 inches, and offers some of the best strength and durability in a mattress. It also features a small built-in pillow and a non-skid bottom for stability. Take the mattress anywhere with the included storage bag.

King Koil Queen Air Mattress

King Koil Queen Air Mattress with Built-in Pump

The name says it all. The King Koil has a soft flocking layer and a built-in pillow that is built for maximum comfort. The extra thick quilted top is waterproof and offers extra spinal support. The King Koil mattress is also endorsed by the International Chiropractors Association because of its proper spinal alignment support. The air pump features two knobs for easy and quick inflation and deflation, either being achieved in under 2 minutes.

The coil beam construction holds air extremely well and provides solid support through the night. You can pick from three different sizes of King Koil with the same features no matter which size you choose. It has the feel of a traditional bed but can be stored and transported in an oversized carrying bag.

Intex Comfort Dura-Beam Airbed

Intex Comfort Dura-Beam Airbed

Be ready to relax on this air bed in under 3 minutes. The Dura-Beam is considered a mid-rise mattress standing at 13 inches tall. This is another Intex mattress that uses the Fiber-Tech Technology for its lightweight yet super-strong fibers. The interior chambers also feature a pillowtop air system for added comfort and the flocked sides are puncture resistant.

Sleep comfortably knowing that the indented sides of the mattress will keep your bedding in place and not snap back at you during the night. The plush top sleeping surface is soft and comfortable with or without bedding. The handy carrying bag is perfect for storage and transport.

Insta-Bed Raised Air Mattress

Insta-Bed Raised Air Mattress with Never Flat Pump

This air mattress features the NeverFlat pump system that is two pumps in one bed guaranteed to keep your mattress inflated all night. With a push of a button, inflate or deflate your airbed in under 4 minutes using the primary pump, supported by an auto-shutoff. During the night, the secondary pump will monitor air pressure to ensure it stays at your desired comfort level.

There are 35 circular coils inside the mattress that create a strong, supportive, and level sleeping area. You will never have to wake up in the middle of the night to adjust the air level in the Insta-Bed and it won’t dip or sag. Just choose your comfort level Plush, Medium, or Firm, and sleep peacefully knowing you’ll wake up with the same level of air every night.

Best Air Mattress FAQ

How do I choose an air mattress?

When you are looking for an air mattress, you need to determine the size, who will be sleeping on it, how it is blown up, what type of bedding will you need. With a high-quality air mattress you can sleep for a long time without it getting worn down. Yes, a good-quality air mattress will hold air for quite a long time as long as it is maintained and stored properly.

How long does an air mattress last?

Your air mattress can last longer than you think depending on the type of usage. If you use it only for guests or camping trips, it will last much longer, such as up to eight years or longer. When not in use, make sure to use the storage bag or container.

That’s not to say you can’t get a few good years out of regular use of your air mattress. It can also be an economical source of a good night’s sleep. Air mattresses are available at a fraction of the cost of traditional innerspring or memory foam mattresses but long-term use may shorten their lifespan.

How can I make the air mattress more comfortable?

To make your air mattress more comfortable, you can adjust the comfort level on the dials or make sure the mattress is fully inflated. A lot will depend on whether you are a back, side, or stomach sleeper and the type of pillow you use. If you sleep on your side, you will need a thicker pillow; back sleepers will want a thinner pillow or none at all.

You can even use pillow-top mattresses under your bedding to make it feel like a traditional spring mattress. Try placing it on a box spring, using the correct bedding and bedding material, and even trying to deflate or inflate the mattress if it doesn’t have a comfort level option.

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