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Best Cheap Queen Mattress Sales and Deals for October 2021

If you’re searching for the best cheap queen mattress deals, this is an excellent time of the year. In truth, there are always cheap mattress deals available, but the very best queen mattress sales are seasonal, and this is one of the best seasons. We’ve lined up some of the best mattress sales on queen mattresses from top brand manufacturers to make your search easier.

Queen Mattress Sales 2021

  • Casper — from $1,095
  • DreamCloud — from $999 plus $499 in accessories, was $1,199
  • Helix — from $899 plus 2 free Dream pillows, was $999
  • Layla — from $899 plus 2 free Layla Memory Foam pillows, was $1,049
  • Leesa — from $949 plus 2 free Down Alternative pillows, was $1,099
  • Nectar — from $799 plus $399 of accessories, was $1,198
  • Saatva — from $1,299, was $1,499
  • Tempur-Pedic from $1,399, was $2,199
  • Tuft and Needle — from $591
The Tempur-Adapt mattress line adds a cool-to-touch cover for even more comfortable sleep. You can also add optional hybrid technology with 1,000+ coil springs. 11-inches high. more
Nectar's premium memory foam mattress draws off body heat while it also supports and hugs your body. 11-inches high, this mattress has Nectar's maximum airflow. more
Tempur-Cloud mattresses are built to relief pressure point and adapt to motion. The mattress and cover both wick moisture to help you stay dry. 10-inches high. more
The Leesa Original all-foam mattress uses layers of foam for cooling, contouring, and pressure relief. The mattress combines bounce, comfort and support and has a soft, breathable gray twill cover. more
Tempur-ProAdapt mattresses add 20% more pressure relief with a zip-off cover than the Tempur-Adapt model. ProAdapt has a dual-cover system with a washable cover, optional coil springs, 12-inches high. more
The Helix Sunset mattress has soft plush top layers over pressure point layers to cushion your shoulders and thighs, middle layers that support body contours for side sleepers, and a breathable cover. more
If you enjoy the traditional firm feel of innerspring but also want memory foam, then this is the mattress for you. The Hybrid has a 1.5-inch memory foam layer and a 6-inch pocket spring layer. more

Purple Hybrid Mattress, Queen size

from $1,799 with free Purple sheets and a Plush pillow
Foam comfort and coil support for the best of both mattress compositions. The coils react quickly to your body movements, the foam keeps it cozy, and the breathable gel grid helps against overheating. more
Sleep luxuriously with the Vaya mattress. It offers an exceptional bounce for a cool and comfortable sleep, complete with optimal support to soothe pressure points. more
Layla's Memory Foam Mattress has a top layer of antimicrobial copper foam that conforms to your body pressure and pulls heat away from your body so you can sleep cooler. more
The hybrid Saatva Classic mattress has a 3-inch pillow top layer, durable edge support, and a dual coil system of individually pocketed oils and tempered steel support coils for durability. more

Purple Hybrid Premier Mattress, Queen size

from $2399 + free Purple sheets and 2 Plush pillows
Copmbine supportive foam with pocketed coals and top it off with a cooling gel grid that conforms to your body -- and then add a thicker grid 50% to 100% more for fabulous sleep. more
Layla's memory foam is made to cradle and make your body comfortable as you sleep. You'll wake up feeling refreshed without any body pain. more
Tempur-breeze mattresses are up to 8 degrees cooler all night with cooling covers, temperature change materials, and an extra cooling layer. 12-13-inch high. more
Casper's all-foam mattress is designed for comfortable sleep with zoned support to align the spine and air circulation features to help you keep cool. The mattress cover is made from recycled bottles. more
DreamCloud's hybrid 5-layer mattress has a quilted foam cashmere top layer, pressure-relief layer, memory foam layers, a targeted support layer, and a dense foam base layer. more
The Tempur-LuxeAdapt has 30% more conforming support and pressure relief than the TempurAdapt. 13-inches high. Optional hybrid coils not available. more
Queen, 12-Inch
Relieve common pains with this memory foam mattress from Ashley. The mattress features high density foam that supports your body at night for a restful sleep. more
The Original T&N mattress has 2 open-call foam layers for comfort. Graphite and cooling gel added to the top layers pull away body heat so you feel cool and comfortable. more
Leesa mattress feels like a hug while you sleep. The premium foam has cooling and contouring elements, and also offers pressure-relieving support. more
Fully supported sleep with a mattres that builds on two layers of comfort foam with a top breathable gel grid. 100-night trial plus free shipping and returns. more
This cooling foam will help you sleep soundly without worrying about feeling any heat while sleeping. It also has pocketed innersprings to alleviate any tightness in the back. more

How to Choose a Queen Mattress

How long do you intend to keep your new mattress? Average mattress lifespans typically range from 7 to 10 years. When you choose a mattress that meets all your needs for support, comfort, and most of all that helps you get a good night’s sleep, you may be able to extend the lifespan by keeping it clean and rotating or flipping it according to the manufacturer’s suggestions. Mattress cost spread over the full lifespan can be quite reasonable, especially when you get great sleep because you made the right choice. The following are key considerations in choosing your new mattress. We focus on queen mattresses in this article because that’s the minimum size most couples choose today, but you may want a larger or even a smaller size, and the same same key factors apply.

  • Foundation and Construction: Once you decide whether your new mattress will sit on a slab, a standard bedframe, or even a motorized frame with multiple adjustments for each side, it’s time to get to the basics. The primary choices for mattress construction and composition today are foam layers, hybrid foam, and box or coil spring designs, or more traditional box springs. Foam mattresses with multiple layers of support, body motion cancellation, and cooling materials are the most popular mattresses. Hybrid mattresses often have memory foam and cooling top layers and one or more layers of springs for a combined experience of support and comfort.
  • Comfort, Coolness, and Coziness: To a great extent, the three Cs (comfort, coolness, and coziness) are largely determined by the top layers of your mattress. Fabric that wicks off moisture and transfers temperature away from your body can help with the cool feeling that contributes to restful sleep. The type and arrangement of foam in the top mattress layers can enhance coziness without feeling like the mattress clings to you. Mattresses are often available in different configurations for side, back, and front sleepers if you tend to always maintain the same sleep posture.
  • Options: Extra toppers, different mattress heights, and the ability to work with motorized bed frames can add to your cost but with the benefit of a mattress that is customized for your needs and preferences.
  • Your Budget: It’s possible to buy an excellent mattress for under $1,000, as the deals above suggest. You can also spend several thousand dollars. If you have a budget and intend to stick to it, or at least stay close, it can help to start your comparisons between mattress manufacturers at their entry-level models (which are generally already quite good) and only move up to the higher priced levels in the brand family if the added features are worth the extra expense.

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