Get Your At-Home Workout Equipment in Shape

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Don’t let costly gym contracts get in the way of feeling good and looking fresh. Instead, take advantage of the space in your humble abode and get some at home workout equipment.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is an essential part of living a happy life. This includes sticking to good habits such as a nutritious diet, a strict sleep cycle, and most importantly — an adequate workout regime. Nothing keeps your body in equilibrium more than getting your blood pumping by lifting weights or engaging in some cardio. Nowadays, gym membership fees are through the roof (although Costco has a killer discount on a two-year contract that’ll save you $350).

Whether you don’t have a membership because you don’t think you’ll go enough to make the price worth it, or it’s simply too expensive for your budget, we’ve got the run down on the best at home workout equipment that’ll keep you and your cash flow in tip-top shape.



Even at a full-sized, lavish lifting hot spot, using free weights is the surest way to strengthen your muscles and burn more calories. Not only do free weights help isolate muscles for compound exercises, its free range motion forces your focus muscles and core muscles to work in sync, promoting better balance and coordination.

Owning a set of dumbbell free weights opens up a wide array of at home workout routines, many of which you’d do at the gym anyway. Add an adjustable bench to the mix, and you’re half-way to an at home gym. Bodybuilding has a great guide for the most effective free weight dumbbell routines, and when choosing a dumbbell set, we suggest going with the premium Bowflex set or a less expensive adjustable version.

Yoga Mat


A simple yoga mat is a quintessential piece to having a productive and effective at home workout environment. You may ask, why a yoga mat? And for that we have one simple answer — abs. Engaging in ab workouts can not only build a foundation for a cold cut six-pack, it strengthens your core muscles.

Once you improve core stability, you’ll feel the benefits in your body’s performance when working out and in daily tasks. Besides, it’s called the “core” for a reason. Check out some of the best ab exercises at Men’s Health, which include different planking variations and general crunches.

Resistance Bands


Using resistance bands can be a surefire way to maximizing at home workouts. Not only are these bands great for mobility, they allow you to make lightweight free weight exercises, pull-ups, and push-ups more difficult by adding extra (you guessed it) resistance to your motion. The use of double resistance will workout muscles you didn’t even know you had.

This increase in the intensity of your workout will provide more results for your efforts. URBNFit offers an affordable 12-piece set, and you can check out Bodybuilding’s tips on the most effective ways to use resistance bands.

Other Tips

If you have adequate space (such as a spare room or empty garage), you can always opt to add an Olympic bar with bumper plates or a cardio machine. A 45-pound Olympic bar can handle heavy loads without permanent bending, so you can expand your workout regime with heavier weights and less worry. The bumper plates are simply for your floor’s protection, as its rubber exterior is less damaging to the surface under your feet.

A cardio machine isn’t necessary, but can be useful in making sure you get a diverse range of cardio workouts, as well as giving you an easy outlet to getting a quick sweat on without leaving the house.