If John Wick Rode an Electric Motorcycle It Would Be the Saroléa N60

The Saroléa N60 MM.01 ain’t your average electric motorcycle. It’s made from a hyper unique collaboration between legendary Belgian bicycle manufacturer Saroléa, who started making bikes in the 1800s, and The Mighty Machines — an engineering collaborative founded in 2017.

This is only the second road bike Saroléa has released since resurfacing in 2018 (they were shut down during World War II). I suppose that’s the proper lead time when you commit to making only high-quality handmade bikes. The N60 MM.01 and its predecessor the SP7 TT race bike were both designed by Torsten Robbens, who reinvigorated the heritage brand with his brother Bjorn. Torsten has a wicked cool background in motorsport, aerospace, and military manufacturing, leading us to think that Robbens’ background could be why the N60 MM.01 looks tactical AF.

Powered by a 22 kWh lithium-ion battery, this road motor is fully electronic and housed in a chunky modern frame that legit looks like a Walther PPK used by James Bond.

If any fictional badass would hit the street in the Saroléa N60 MM.01, however, it would be John Wick in his iconic murdered-out suit. In fact, you could be one of only 20 to get a black-on-black racing suit sold with the N60 MM.01. (Coincidence? Or Keanu-inspired?)

Upon the e-bike’s release, an exclusive package was developed including a slim cut tailored biker suit that is durable and slick, a Carbon Heroine MM.01 racer helmet, and Damascus steel knife (because of course).

Sarolea N60

At  69,999 British pounds (approximately $87,500), it’s the total package and 70% of the way to being sold out, as of late July. The only other accessory we might want is a motorcycle tent for motor-camping.

Don’t get me wrong, the Cryo Hardened Stainless Steel knife and tailored suit are cool, too, but let’s get back to this gorgeous ebike.

Saroléa N60 MM.01 takes only 20 minutes to charge (80%) and charges at over 160 horsepower for about 200 miles until needing a re-up. Design-wise, intentional notes of neon orange jot the body but otherwise, the bike is jet black.

The design is a modern spin on the café racer style, maintaining a lightweight and powerful reputation but sharpening the traditionally curved shape. The tires are a little fat, the handlebars are low-profile, and the seat is reminiscent of a dirt bike.

All the more reason to have as much fun as possible on this cool, cool thing. Don’t be surprised if the neighborhood kids start calling you baba yaga.

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