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BMW’s CE 02 eParkourer in-betweener bridges electric scooters and motorcycles

When conventional transportation choices don't cut it

Helmeted rider traveling on a paved city street in front of a red streetcar on a 2024 BMW CE 02,

BMW Motorrad’s BMW CE 02 eParkourer could be the e-mobility solution for city dwellers who don’t need a car and don’t want a motorcycle. If you don’t plan to travel on highways but would like more speed and substance than e-bikes provide and want to be able to carry a passenger, definitely check out the CE 02. Originally introduced last summer, the BMW CE 02 eParkourer is available now at U.S. dealerships.
Helmeted rider traveling on a city street on a 2024 BMW CE 02 with a two-deck sea ferry docked on a waterway in the background.

Why the BMW CE 02 Parkourer matters

The eParkourer is an in-betweener. Its 59 miles per hour maximum speed is not in the same vehicle class as a motorcycle. The CE 02 is faster than e-bikes and mopeds. Functionally closer to a Vespa-style scooter than other two-wheel vehicles, the CE 02 doesn’t fit the scooter category on appearance alone. BMW calls it an eParkourer as if that were a type of vehicle, but it’s not, although “eParkourer” is less awkward than calling the CE 02 a speed-limited electric motorcycle.

If you live in the country or most suburbs, the CE )2 may not make sense as a vehicle for adults. Big city dwellers may also question its usefulness. However, denizens of small cities and towns could be more likely to get the CE 02 as a viable transportation form. For example, I was in Tempe, Arizona recently. Tempe is a small university city with an abundance of e-bikes, e-scooters, and Waymo self-driving taxis — there are even car-free housing communities within the city. BMW’s eParkourer would fit right in in Tempe, even with its speed limitations, and doubly so because it’s a battery electric vehicle (BEV).

Two helmeted riders traveling on city street on a 2024 BMW CE 02

The BMW CE 02 eParkourer by the numbers

The 2024 BMW CE 02 eParkourer’s 48V electric powertrain creates a maximum of 40.5 lb-ft of torque. It has a top speed of 59 mph and a maximum range of 55 miles. The 59 mph limit keeps it off the highway, which may be just fine for its target customers. It’s a unique electric two-wheeler with an eye-catching design. It has hints of quality motorcycle features, and it’s a BMW, but it costs quite a bit with a range that doesn’t top many e-bikes.

Plugged into a regular home power outlet, the CE 02’s battery charges from 20% to 80% in two hours and 40 minutes, BMW says. With an optional quick charger (including the Highline option package that seems to come with all U.S. deliveries), the charging time is faster, taking one hour and 40 minutes to charge to 80% from 20%. The charging time of electric vehicles from 20% to 80% is a commonly cited specification because, with current battery technology, staying within the 20% to 80% charge level is optimal for long-term battery health.

Helmeted rider on a 2024 BMW CE 02 traveling on a paved city about to cross street in front of a yellow streetcar.

Available at U.S. BMW dealerships now

If you want to check out the 2024 BMW CE 02, it should be at your closest BMW motorcycle dealership. The base list price is $7,599, although from surveying the websites of a number of dealer websites, it looks like most and possibly all U.S. deliveries include the Highline option package for an additional $875. The Highline package includes heated grips, an external quick charger, what BMW describes as a “highly integrated SP Connect smartphone holder, and a special color scheme. When you add a required $595 destination and handling fee, the total is $9,069 before taxes, registration, and tags.

So, in the end, the CE 02 eParkourer is essentially a $10,000 vehicle. If you weigh the CE 02’s price against the capabilities of many small to mid-size motorcycles with comparable price tags, the eParkourer can’t compete. However, if you live in Tempe or another area where battery-powered vehicles are prevalent and want a cool form of local transportation for yourself and an occasional passenger, your ride is waiting.

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