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Verge California Edition electric motorcycle launches with motor in rear wheel

It's not too early to order a stunningly powerful Verge California Edition electric motorcycle

Verge California Edition TS Pro right side view against a stainless steel background.
Courtesy Verge Motorcycles / Verge Motorcycles

Verge Motorcycles, a Finnish electric motorcycle company known for its in-wheel motors, introduced a new model at the Los Angeles Auto Show. The Verge California Edition – Seasonal TS Pro is a limited-edition EV superbike with 1,000 Newton meters (738 foot-pounds) of torque.

Verge California Edition TS Pro right side in-wheel electric motor.
Courtesy Verge Motorcycles / Verge Motorcycles

Verge Motorcycles is coming to the U.S.

Verge doesn’t sell motorcycles in the U.S. now but has plans to start in the second quarter of 2024. The Verge California Edition electric motorcycle will be the first model Verge offers for sale in the U.S. The company has not stated how many bikes it will build in the limited edition. Verge is accepting pre-orders now with a $100 deposit, so perhaps the size of the production run will depend on the number of pre-orders.

Verge California Edition TS Pro close up of left side of rear in-wheel motor.
Courtesy Verge Motorcycles / Verge Motorcycles

Verge California Edition – Seasonal TS Pro price

Verge doesn’t manufacture huge quantities of motorcycles. Still, the $30,900 price tag for a California Edition Seasonal TS Pro doesn’t seem high, especially compared to the $29,799 base price for Harley-Davidson’s original LiveWire electric motorcycle. Harley-Davidson spun off LiveWire as a separate company in 2022. The current starting price of the LiveWire One is $22,799.

Verge California Edition TS Pro right side front wheel.
Courtesy Verge Motorcycles / Verge Motorcycles

Verge California Edition – Seasonal TS Pro features

Verge doesn’t cite horsepower ratings for the TS Pro platform, but with that much torque, who cares? Verge says the California Edition accelerates from 0 to 60 miles per hour and has a top speed of 124 mph. The motor is integrated into the rim of the rear wheel.

Verge equips the California Edition with high-performance suspension and brakes. Front and rear Ohlin’s fork and rear shock each have more than four inches of travel to help smooth the ride.

The Verge’s braking system is a good match for the bike’s prodigious power. There are double Brembo calipers with four pistons each for the two 12.6-inch Galfer disc rotors on the front wheel and a single Verge 4-piston caliper with a 14.96-inch Galfer peripheral brake pad in the rear.

Verge California Edition TS Pro custom human machine interface.
Courtesy Verge Motorcycles / Verge Motorcycles

The Verge California Edition will have a single two-tone colorway, Poppy Orange, with a black top fairing. The EV’s seat is covered with black perforated leather with an orange underlayment.

The California Edition features a custom Human-Machine Interface (HMI) on the tank-mounted touchscreen display. Visuals unique to this model appear on the display each time the bike is started.

There are three descriptively named riding modes: Range, Zen, and Beast. An additional custom mode allows riders who want to tailor the bike’s performance to their preferences to adjust the throttle response, torque, maximum speed, and regeneration level.

Verge California Edition TS Pro left side view against a stainless steel background.
Courtesy Verge Motorcycles / Verge Motorcycles

The Verge California Edition Seasonal TS Pro has a 20.2 kWh lithium-ion battery. According to Verge, the maximum range is 217 miles, but don’t expect more than a fraction of that range if you ride in Beast mode. The company states that the battery fully charges in just 35 minutes, using a Level II charging cable plugged into the electric motorcycle’s CCS Combo plug in front of the seat behind the display.

Verge California Edition TS Pro left side with a stylized building in the background.
Courtesy Verge Motorcycles / Verge Motorcycles

Think twice about ordering a Verge California Edition Seasonal TS Pro electric motorcycle if you’re shy and like to stay under the radar. The hubless rear wheel alone will draw lots of attention. When people figure out the electric motor is built into the rim of the rear wheel, you’ll never lack people to talk with.

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