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Would You Ride Hot Wheels’ New $5,000 E-Bike?

Hot wheels e-bike.

Remember when the radness of your bicycle was the currency of the adolescent kingdom? Can you recall that kid who always had the cooler, more rugged wheels? Well, thanks to Hot Wheels’ alliance with Super73 e-bikes, you can take back that crown with the new, limited-edition Super73-RX.

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Mattel superstar Hot Wheels is no stranger to tactical collaboration. This includes one-of-a-kind Hot Wheels computers, Hot Wheels Power Wheels, and other kid-centered adventure toys. Now Hot Wheels is sending out the wild’s call for big kids and adults in a joint effort with e-bike manufacturer Super73. The Super73-RX electric-driven bike looks to inhabit the Hot Wheels spirit, racing through cool gusts propelled by flaming pedals.  

The ride sports Super73’s most powerful and technologically advanced drive system with arrayed ride modes powered by a state-of-the-art 960 watt-hour battery, which translates to about 40 miles of riding at 20 mph. You can stretch that further by gearing into different pedal-assisted drive functions. Ultimately, you can ride the Super73-RX as far as you can crank it whether there’s any juice in the battery or not — it is a bicycle, after all.

The Super73-RX also offers a connectible electronics suite, compatible with iOS and Android mobile devices through the Super73 App. And with a black chain, black battery tank pads, a black steel rib panel, BDGR fat tires with bronze rims, all accentuated by Hot Wheels orange and blue, it’ll be the sharpest ride on the block and on the trail.

The customized Hot Wheels edition RX also flaunts a special Hot Wheels Ford Bronco diecast, custom-embroidered seat, handlebar pads by Saddlemen, Ruffian ATV Lock-on grips by ODI, Stamp 1 Large pedals by Crankbrothers, and a yellow-tinted headlight. 

To complete the collaborative project, every purchase of the Hot Wheels x SUPER73-RX will include a collectible Hot Wheels diecast of a SUPER73 Ford Bronco R model bike. Designed and manufactured by Hot Wheels, the graphics will match the RX.

The Super73-RX retailed for $5,000, but the first 24 are now sold out. Watch for more releases at (Available only in the continental United States.) 

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