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This Sidecar Motorcycle Is the Ultimate off-Road Adventure Bike for Couples

Ural 2021 Geo Sidecar Motorcycle

Even if you’re not a fan of two-wheelers, there’s something undeniably cool about sidecar motorcycles. Their vintage World-War-era-inspired designs exude a timeless appeal that’s near-universal. Plus, road trips are always best shared with your SO or friends (or dog). Ural is no stranger to crafting eye-catching, one-of-a-kind bikes, but its latest Geo sidecar motorcycle promises to take you and your co-pilot farther off the beaten path than ever before.

Washington-based Ural cut its teeth building sidecar motorcycles nearly 80 years ago. Its first models were used by the military during World War II. But, after the war ended, it found a niche market among two — er, three — wheel enthusiasts looking for something truly special. The brand fast became legendary for its Russian-built, go-anywhere sidecar motorcycles designed to tackle the world’s most challenging terrain.

Meet Ural GEO: 2021 Limited Edition Ural Gear Up

To wrap up 2020, Ural pulled the most hardcore components from its parts bin into a single, off-road-ready two-wheeler: The 2021 Ural Geo Sidecar Motorcycle. It’s a vehicle that represents the culmination of eight decades of ingenuity, engineering, and testing. A custom on-demand 2WD system, chunky Heidenau off-road tires, and an adjustable, race-winning Nitron suspension all deliver reliable traction and a better ride in rain, snow, sleet, and mud. The bike’s low center of gravity provides rock-solid stability on-road and off. Under the seat lies a throaty boxer engine pushing 41 horsepower and 42 pound-feet of torque, and riders can upgrade to an off-road-only GPR exhaust that growls like a wild animal. Plus, Ural adds Brembo disc brakes to the mix for unparalleled stopping power.

Ural 2021 Geo Sidecar Motorcycle

The Geo comes standard with modern 21st-century conveniences as well. A top-clamp Ram mount allows riders to secure an action camera, smartphone, or GPS to the handlebars. To power those devices, there’s also a dual-port USB charger with a silicone cap and magnetic switch to prevent battery drain.

The Geo is part of Ural’s annual series of ultra-limited-edition two-wheelers. Past models have included quirky and unique design elements inspired by everything from James-Bond-themed vehicles to the International Space Station to nuclear-powered icebreakers. So, it’s safe to say the company likes to keep it weird.

Ural 2021 Geo Sidecar Motorcycle - Geometric Camo Paint Scheme

The Geo Sidecar Motorcycle is now available with a base price of just under $27,000, which sounds surprisingly reasonable. But, you’ll have to act fast if you want one for yourself. Ural is teasing a total build of just 20 units worldwide. Credit that rarity to the elaborate geometric camouflage paint scheme, which is applied by hand by one of the company’s 12 employees, one layer at a time. This ensures no two bikes look alike, so every Geo is actually one-of-a-kind.

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