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Live Like Jason Statham at Vegas’ VORE Adrenaline Compound

The VORE Experience
Blowing up taxis, skydiving in the desert, and Baja-style truck racing through some of the harshest landscapes in the United States. It all sounds like just another day on the set of a Jason Statham movie. But, one Nevada company has sought to make all this adrenaline porn a reality for thrill-seeking travelers.

Not far from downtown Las Vegas, VORE Adrenaline Compound is like a playground for adults looking to live out their adolescent “live fast, die young” fantasies (without the dying part). The company’s purpose-built truck racing track is the culmination of hundreds of hours of development to replicate the challenges and conditions of a real Pro2 Lucas Oil or TORQ course. That means no less than five substantial jumps, high-speed/high-banked corners, a 40-foot table top jump to launch drivers more than 20 feet in the air, and corners designed entirely for drifting. Drivers can choose from 5-, 10-, or 20-lap packages and experience all the thrills of legit short course racing.

But, the real fun starts far off the compound. VORE’s multi-day tours let drivers cut loose on some of the most pristine desert racing trails in the world. Their Desert Tease package is a 30-mile intro tour ideal for anyone looking to get off the track and experience what real racing feels like. The Let’s Get Dirty package ups the ante with an entire half-day of tearing up the Nevada badlands. For a full-blown experience, the VORE Challenge and flagship 2-3 Day Adventures provide drivers with hundreds of miles of experience behind the wheel of VORE’s custom, $160,000 off-road racing trucks.

All of VORE’s experiences include transportation to/from most hotels in the Vegas area. But, if an ordinary shuttle van just isn’t disco enough for you, upgrade to a stretched limo or a helicopter fly-in. Or, go all-in with a skydiving package that literally drops you into the compound. Once onsite, visitors can add additional bucket list-worthy packages to any experience. The most popular? Firing live machine guns (including Uzis, assault rifles, and belt-fed automatic weapons) in the desert or blowing up a full-size, explosive-loaded car with ten rounds from a Remington 700.

The menu of experiences at VORE varies widely. An “intro” five-lap tour starts at $295 USD, with custom, multi-day desert adventures tours available as well. All necessary gear and insurance are included (which is nice, because you’re going to need it).

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