A Hotelier’s Travel Guide

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In the upcoming weeks, The Manual will be posting tips from people in the know on various industries. Today we take a trip in the world of travel. 

Our thoughts on the subject:

Travel is one of the most glorious parts of existence. It’s a chance to stop, think, bond with friends and family and experience new amazing things (we do not mean McDonalds in Paris, people). When we travel we get to put our life in check, sleep late and (one of our favorites) not clean your room! Travel doesn’t have to be a 12 hour plane ride, it can be a two hour car ride to the mountains, the beach, the desert, finding a great little hotel and just vegging. So go on, make that bucket list and start planning. Nothing can be more fun than sitting down with a beer and organizing time away with people you love.

Tips from a Hotelier:

When some people check into a hotel the think all manners are out the window and any whim can and should be attended to. We want to remind our readers that the hotel staff are people to and they have to follow some degree of protocol as well as rules and regulations.

We spoke to Marco Cilia, the General Manager of the Hotel Americano in New York City, one of the most lively and luxurious hotels to recently open in the city to hear what guest most frequently ask for. Take note!

Mr. Cilia’s most frequently asked questions by his guests:

  • Can we please have an iPhone charger? (the most common)
  • What is the cancellation policy? (runner up)
  • Can you book us a table at the hottest restaurant in town? (with an hours notice)
  • Please, please, please can we have one last drink? (When the bar is closed- don’t forget your mini bar is right there in your room!)
  • Can we please have a late check out? (See the reason for more sleep above)

The Manual’s Rules on Travel Etiquette. 

  • Please see above.
  • Going postal at the airport rarely helps your cause. Be courteous and patient.
  • Look (and smell) presentable when traveling. Cars/boats/planes are tight spaces and nobody wants to look (or smell) your hangover outfit and bourbon and cigarette breath.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask. This is the biggest challenge for our sex, but we promise, life and your girlfriend are easier to deal with if you just ask which road to take to Rome.
  • Put the phone away. Don’t spend the day reading emails and sending texts about being in Pamplona, enjoy Pamplona!