4 Must-have Travel Gadgets for Father’s Day

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No matter how debonair and tech-forward your pop is, there’s always room to upgrade his travel game. This year, manufacturers are continuing to make electronics even more portable and gear essentials more lightweight and rugged. Here are four must-have gadgets every dad will love this Father’s Day:

#1: Tooletries Rugged Dopp Kit

The classic dopp kit hasn’t been updated since, well, never. The good folks at TheGrommet.com have just released Tooletries – a modern solution for travelers looking to pack their toiletries better. This hard-case dopp kit eschews the traditional, flimsy, soft-sided leather construction in favor of a rugged, toolbox-inspired design. The interior cleverly combines plastic, silicone netting, and waterproof neoprene to help contain leaks and better pad your electric shaving gear. It also just looks cool to boot.

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#2: Phiaton’s BT 220 NC Wireless, Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Noise-cancelling headphones are practically required kit for today’s traveler. Until recently, this has meant packing large, DJ-esque, over-ear cans that are cumbersome and bulky. Phiaton’s miniscule BT 220 NC wireless earbuds drown out 95% percent of ambient noise in a pint-sized, lightweight form factor. They’re also Bluetooth 4.0 equipped and the built-in extended life battery provides up to 17 hours of music-listening time and 300 hours of standby time.

#3: Bluesmart Connected Luggage

Bluesmart claims to be the world’s first “smart luggage”. With a built-in digital lock, battery charger, location tracking, scale, proximity alerts, and trip data app, we’re inclined to agree. The sleek Star Trek-esque design, complete with pulsing blue LED indicator bar, is an especially nice touch. It’s currently only available for pre-order, but we’re thinking that all this technology makes the wait and the $339 (USD) price tag seem entirely reasonable.


No self-respecting modern traveler hits the road without a reliable backup battery these days. But it’s time to skip the $10, disposable offerings and invest in a real, rugged solution. BRAVEN’s BRV-BANK is a digital, ultra-durable, 6000mAh power bank that’s designed to take anything you can throw at it. A corresponding battery monitor app connects wirelessly via Bluetooth to alert you of the device’s charge status. It’s all encased in a lightweight, IPX5 rated water-resistant exterior to protect against the occasional rainstorm.

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