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You’ll soon be able to use Marriott points at these iconic resorts

Ocean and trees at Turtle Bay Resort
Turtle Bay Resort, O’ahu, Hawaii Turtle Bay Resort

Around the globe, there’s so much to explore. From the beaches of Kauai, Hawaii, to the jagged peaks of the Swiss Alps, adventure awaits. But that takes money, and no matter how badly you want to go, some destinations are out of reach. One way to go further for less is through hotel rewards programs like Marriott Bonvoy.

Instead of spending dollars and cents on accommodations, you can tap into your rewards points, leaving extra funds for air travel and daily excursions. That puts more experiences within your grasp, like trying restaurants or taking a helicopter ride above the mountains. For the modern explorer, Bonvoy makes sense.

Soon, Marriot Bonvoy’s set to get even better, adding three luxury properties at top U.S. destinations. Trips you might have dreamed about can now be a reality, with your accrued rewards points paving the way. Here are the details.

Marriot Bonvoy: Now there’s even more to explore

Aerial photo of The Resort at Pelican Hill
The Resort at Pelican Hill, Newport Beach, California The Resort at Pelican Hill

Ever pictured watching a sunset from Oahu, Hawaii’s shores? Have you yearned to experience New York City’s culture, arts, and cuisine? Maybe you want a California coastal getaway, with luxury accommodations and all the golf you can handle. You’ll get all those, and more, with these additions to the Marriott Bonvoy portfolio.

Starting June 5, a luxury hotel in Midtown Manhattan joins the Marriott Luxury Collection. That puts you in the middle of everything, including top attractions like The Museum of Modern Art, Radio City Music Hall, Rockefeller Center, Central Park and the shops on Fifth Avenue. It’s the perfect location to take in the city in the lap of luxury. 

The Resort at Pelican Hill — a 5-star luxury property in Newport Beach, CA — joins the Bonvoy portfolio on July 1. Spread over 504 acres, right on the coast, the resort includes the Pelican Hill Golf Club, which has two 18-hole courses with 270-degree ocean views. The resort will become a St. Regis property in the future. 

On the North Shore of O’ahu, Hawaii, the Turtle Bay Resort envelopes you in the island spirit with ocean-view rooms, oceanfront bungalows, and gorgeous suites. Walk to seven pristine beaches or try 12 miles of hiking and biking trails. Do it all while enjoying lavish on-site amenities and taking in the island’s natural beauty. As part of the transition later this summer, Turtle Bay will become a Ritz-Carlton property.

Go further with Marriott Bonvoy

Twlight on the Manhattan skyline
Manhattan, New York City Luca Bravo via Unsplash

It’s a privilege to experience places like O’ahu, Hawaii, Newport Beach, California, and New York City. Each has special attributes that dazzle your senses and enrich your perspective. But making the trip can be a financial burden, making you delay instead of setting sail. These additions to the Marriot Bonvoy portfolio let you go further for less, helping you experience the best the world has to offer. So save up those points, block off your calendar, and prepare for a getaway like none other.

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