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The 9 best Tumi backpacks you can travel with in 2024


Avid and frequent travelers know the importance of owning well-made and versatile luggage. Whether that be a carry-on bag, backpack, duffel bag, rolling suitcase or trunk, purchasing reliable luggage makes traveling ten times easier and more efficient. Most of the time, the type of luggage you choose to purchase is dependent on your personal needs, the duration of your trip or how often often you will use your new bag or suitcase. No matter what type of trip you have planned on you calendar, a luxurious, high-quality and durable backpack should be added to your shopping list.

With so many luxury luggage brands out there to choose from, it might be hard to narrow down your choices. But that’s why we are here to let you know that purchasing a backpack (or any kind of luggage) from Tumi is one of the best decisions you will ever make. Known as one as one of the best Rimowa alternatives, Tumi is a popular choice among professional travelers everywhere due to their classic designs, durable materials and luxurious look. If you are on the market for a brand new travel backpack, there is no better option than Tumi. We’ve rounded up the nine best Tumi backpacks you can travel with in 2024 that will help you explore new destinations with ease.

Tumi Montana Backpack

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Pros Cons
  • Features a side zip expansion
  • Can be monogrammed
  • Water resistant
  • Only available in black

If you are someone who likes to stay extremely organized while traveling, this backpack was made just for you. It features multifunctional interior and exterior pockets so you know where your belongings are at all times. Inside you will find two media pockets, a zip pocket, a water-resistant water bottle pocket, two open pockets, a padded tablet compartment, a leather card pocket and a leather pen loop. On the outside of the backpack you’ll find even more compartments including a double zip entry to the main compartment, a side zip pocket, two front U-zip pockets, a zip entry to a padded laptop compartment, a front zip pocket, a quick-access phone pocket and zip access to a water bottle pocket. It also features a strap on the back that can easily attach to your rolling suitcase so you can go hands free throughout the airport or train station. This is one of the best luxury luggage options for travel that you’ll find from Tumi with its exceptional organization. Its primarily nylon fabric features a water and stain resistant coating to improve the longevity of the fabric, while also adding an extra layer of protection.


Dimensions 16.0″ X 12.0″ X 5.5″
Weight 2 lbs.

Tumi Alpha Brief Pack

Pros Cons
  • Made from lightweight materials
  • Sturdy construction
  • Only available in black or gray color options

This Tumi backpack is ideal for guys who travel frequently for work. You can bring the office with you wherever you go with this spacious backpack that features dedicated space for your laptop and other work essentials. You’ll find an endless amount of pockets to keep everything nice and organized in one place. With adjustable straps and an add-a-bag sleeve, this backpack is easy to carry on its own or attached to your rolling luggage. Inside the backpack there is one padded tablet pocket, three media pockets, three card pockets, pen loops, a key leash and three open pockets with one dedicated to storing your files. You can pick from color options including anthracite and black that will both match all of your other luggage. There is no doubt that the Tumi Alpha Brief Pack will help you get ready for your next trip.


Dimensions 17.0″ X 12.0″ X 8.0″
Weight 3.3 lbs.

Tumi Alpha Bravo Search Backpack

Pros Cons
  • Multiple color options
  • Made from recycled ballistic nylon
  • Larger and bulkier size

With hundreds of five-star reviews from customers, this nylon backpack is perfect as your personal item while traveling, but can also be used on a daily basis for commuting needs. It gives wearers a generous size that can comfortably fit everything you need for your next trip. Unlike other Tumi backpacks, the Alpha Bravo Search is available in subtle colors such as black, charcoal and navy as well as a brighter royal blue ombre option. This backpack fits a 15-inch laptop and includes several interior pockets including two card pockets, a padded tablet pocket, two zip pockets, four media pockets and an open pocket. Its top carry handle has a leather accent and there is a padded mesh back panel for added comfort and support during use. If you need some tips on how to pack your travel backpack like a boss, we’ve got you covered.


Dimensions 17.0″ X 14.0″ X 8.3″
Weight 3.3 lbs

Tumi Warren Backpack

Pros Cons
  • Slim and refined design
  • Made from nylon
  • Only two color options available

Let us first start off by saying your travel bag probably doesn’t have an Apple AirTag, but it needs one. Attach that device to your new Tumi backpack and you’ll know exactly where it is at all times. The Warren Backpack offers a simple and classic look without all of the bells and whistles that other travel backpacks usually have. It is the practical choice if you want a lightweight and streamlined backpack to store in the overhead compartment on a train, bus or airplane. This backpack features an add-a-bag sleeve, key leash, a padded laptop compartment, a back slip pocket with a magnetic snap, a retractable leather top handle and a bunch of other compartments and pockets. Trust us when we say this is an easy and luxurious upgrade to your current travel backpack.


Dimensions 17.0″ X 12.0″ X 5.0″
Weight 3.1 lbs.

Tumi Bradner Backpack

Pros Cons
  • Made from leather
  • Lightweight look and feel
  • Only two color options available
  • Not as many interior pockets

If you are one of those guys who packs extremely light no matter where they are going, this leather backpack is exactly what you need for your next trip. It will help you check in with the best lightweight luggage for any kind of travel and can fit up to a 14-inch laptop and other travels essentials necessities. Inside this sleek backpack you will find a zip pocket, three open pockets, two card pockets, a key leash and two pen loops. The exterior of the backpack will give you a monogram patch, an add-a-bag sleeve, a luggage tag, a retractable leather top handle and padded and adjustable leather-trimmed straps that add a touch of luxury to this piece of luggage. Pick from two colors including a stylish cognac leather and smooth black leather. When you aren’t traveling, this backpack is great for everyday use whether you are headed to work, the gym or a day out in nature. It is so fashionable, you might just want to use it for every occasion.


Dimension 16.5″ X 11.5″ X 3.5″
Weight 3.3 lbs.

Tumi Nomadic Backpack

Pros Cons
  • Weather-resistant fabric
  • Bottom zip expansion
  • Rugged look
  • Heavier than other Tumi options

Designed for outdoor adventurers, this high-performance backpack is perfect for men who like to explore nature. This backpack is perfect for hidden gem vacation spots that should be on your bucket list in 2024 with its multifunctional and rugged design that will withstand any elements. It is made from the same weather-resistant fabric that is used in professional water sports so you know that is is reliable and durable no matter what kind of weather you encounter. This backpack can also fit a laptop up to 15 inches and a MacBook screen up to 16 inches. It also features a key leash, a luggage tag, a monogram patch, a water-resistant side pocket with air-vent, a bottom zip expansion for extra items and a top carry handle with a leather accent.


Dimensions 18.8″ X 15.0″ X 9.0″
Weight 4.4 lbs.

Tumi Packing Backpack

Pros Cons
  • Built specifically for traveling
  • Built-in USB port (power bank not included)
  • Shoe compartment
  • Only available in black

The name of this backpack explains it all. The Packing Backpack is the ideal carry-on bag for any trip that is on your agenda this year and beyond. This is one of the best carry-on luggage options if you are trying to pack lightly and efficiently with its dedicated shoe compartment, padded laptop compartment and leather-wrapped top handle. If you are looking for a unique Tumi backpack, this one stands out from the crowd with its built in USB-C charging port that is accessible from the exterior and supports up to 65W USB-C 2.0 cables and fast charging up to 65W 3A. Another unique feature you will find in this backpack is its ability to lay all the way flat and carry like a suitcase simply by opening its front panel. Essentially, this backpack is a 2-in-1 piece of luggage which makes it worth the extra few hundred dollars compared to the other Tumi backpacks that are on the market.


Dimensions 17.0″ X 12.0″ X 8.3″
Weight 3.5 lbs.

Tumi William Backpack

Pros Cons
  • Classic and sleek styling
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Built-in USB port (power bank not included)
  • Only available in black

This William Backpack is one of the best travel backpacks to to take with you on the road or on an airplane or train. Weighing less than three pounds, it is the perfect lightweight option for when you need your travel essentials right by your side. It is made from nylon tricut and can fit up to a 15-inch laptop. It was designed for life on the move so you can use it as your everyday bag or for your traveling needs. You’ll find a bunch of interior pockets including an open pocket, two pen loops, two zip pockets and two card pockets as well as a dedicated laptop compartment. Let’s not forget about the built-in USB charger that will help you make sure your smartphone is continuously charged throughout your journey. There’s not much else you will need after purchasing this backpack.


Dimensions 15.6″ X 11.8″ X 4.8″
Weight 2.7 lbs.

Tumi Navigation Backpack

Pros Cons
  • The most color options
  • Expanded depth
  • More of a sporty look

If you are someone who finds traveling easy and breezy, the Tumi Navigation Backpack will make your travels even better. It is extremely versatile, easy-to-use and modern, and can take you on a weekend getaway or a week long excursion. Pick from color options such as navy, steel, black, royal blue ombre, midnight navy/khaki and charcoal. It features a padded mesh back panel for comfort and support, a back quick-access pocket with a hidden magnetic snap, an add-a-bag sleeve, a luggage tag, a key leash and a padded tablet compartment that can fit a 15-inch PC or 16-inch MacBook screen. If you are planning on traveling with one bag, here are our seven must-know tips to pack everything you need in carry-on luggage. The best part about this backpack is that it has the option to expand in depth up to 10 whole inches to help you store even more of your must-have items.


Dimensions 16.0″ X 14.0″ X 7.3″
Weight 2.8 lbs.

How We Chose These Tumi Backpacks

There are a few elements that we considered when selecting the best Tumi backpacks you can travel with in 2024. Since most of the Tumi backpack options are sold at a luxury price point, we didn’t focus too much on the various price points since they are all pretty similar. Since everyone travels differently, we wanted to pay close attention to specific details that each backpack offers. How much does it weight? Can you attach it to your carry-on suitcase? How many pockets does it have? What materials is it made of? Since many of us plan different types of trips, it was important to answer all of these questions while also exploring other factors such as dimensions, colors, fabrics, sizes and materials.


The size of any backpack plays a major role in whether it is easy to travel with, store under the seat or in overhead bin compartments. We made sure to include Tumi backpacks of various widths, lengths and heights that could fit into these specific areas. There were also a few backpack options with bottom zip and side expansions that allow shoppers to expand their luggage to fit more items. If we are talking about the size of backpacks, it is also vital to pay attention to the weight of these small carry-on pieces of luggage.


Let’s face it, no one wants to lug around an oversized and heavy backpack. We wanted to ensure that our list was filled with backpacks of various weights so shoppers know what they will be placing on their backs. We included bags that were on the heavier side at four pounds for those who will use these backpacks for outdoor adventures or longer trips, and bags on the lighter side at around three pounds for those who like to pack and travel lightly.


All of the luggage and bags from Tumi are designed and tested for their durability. This means that the materials they use to create these backpacks will last a lifetime. The bags that we selected are constructed of different materials including leather and various forms of nylon. Some of the nylon backpacks are made from recyclable materials, while others are made from sleek and shiny leather for a more fashionable look. Depending on if you are searching for a rugged look or a stylish look, there are a bunch of options to choose from.

Design Details

When researching these backpacks, we paid very close attention to specific design details such as colors, materials, styles and most importantly, the amount of interior and exterior pockets. Some backpacks offer a slimmer profile while others are a bit bulkier. Depending on your traveling needs, this will be important when it comes to where you will be storing your backpack and how many of your possessions can fit inside. We can’t forget about the specific number of pockets found on each backpack. It was vital to relay the types of pockets and compartments that each backpack has because shoppers would be searching to see if these bags are able to store important items such as laptops, smartphones, tablets, water bottles, shoes, keys, credit cards and more.


Not all luggage is created equal and we wanted to make sure to inform shoppers about the small but mighty features that can be found on certain Tumi backpacks. We wanted to showcase backpacks with specific features that set them apart from one another including zippers, expansions, built-in USB chargers, shoe compartments, weather-resistant fabrics and other elements that aren’t found on typical backpacks.

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