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This airline will add 18 nonstop routes for winter adventurers

Whether you're going skiing or to an island this winter, Alaska Airlines has you covered

Mountains surrounding Lake Tahoe
mototraveller5 via Pixabay

Winter travel lets you explore the mountain landscape, enjoy the snow, and polish your ski and ride skills. Or, if you’ve had enough of the chill, you can head to warmer climates, soak up some rays, and recharge your system. Both let you commune with nature in beautiful places. 

To make your winter trips even better, Alaska Airlines will offer 18 new nonstop flights to sun and ski destinations around the world. Whether you want to push the limits or relax in peace, there’s a flight to suit your needs.

For winter 2025, Alaska Airlines takes you to the mountains (or the sun)

Costa Rica ocean and sun
Silivan Munguarakarama via Unsplash

Sometimes, winter days can feel stuffy and boring. You want to escape. You want to explore. Traveling to the world’s best mountains, or warm-weather retreats, imparts new energy to the season, so you can enjoy it to the fullest. No matter your taste, Alaska Airlines has a flight for you in the winter of 2025.

Kirsten Amrine, VP of Network Planning and Revenue Management at Alaska Airlines, commented, “We’re thrilled to offer convenient connection for guests across our network with this expansion — whether checking destinations off their bucket lists or setting off to their favorite winter getaways; we’ve put together an exciting range of options from tropical destinations across Mexico to the most popular ski slopes in North America.”

Ski and snowboard destinations include Kelowna, BC; Vail, Colorado; and Lake Tahoe. Sun-soaked getaways consist of Costa Rica and Mexico, while those looking for a Yellowstone Park adventure can fly into Bozeman, MT. There’s also Orlando and Tucson for a balmy respite. 

Flights begin December 3 and end April 5. The new flights include the following:

Route Start Date End Date Frequency
Fresno – Guadalajara Tue., Dec. 3, 2024 Wed., Feb. 12, 2025 Daily
Boise – Bozeman Thur., Dec. 19, 2024 Mon., March 17, 2025 5x/week
Boise – Orange County (Santa Ana) Thur., Dec. 19, 2024 Year-round Daily
Los Angeles – Kelowna, BC Thurs., Dec. 19, 2024 Mon., March 17, 2025 Daily*
San Diego – Reno Thurs., Dec. 19, 2024 Mon., April 21, 2025 Daily
San Diego – Vail (Eagle County) Fri., Dec. 20, 2024 Sun., March 16, 2025 3x/week
Seattle – Vail (Eagle County) Fri., Dec. 20, 2024 Sun., March 16, 2025 3x/week
San Francisco – Liberia (Guanacaste) Sat., Dec. 21, 2024 Sat., May 10, 2025 1x/week
Seattle – Liberia (Guanacaste) Sat., Dec. 21, 2024 Sat., May 11, 2025 1x/week
Sacramento – Los Cabos Mon., Jan. 6, 2025 Mon., April 21, 2025 5x/week
Sacramento – Tucson Mon., Jan 6, 2025 Mon., April 21, 2025 Daily
Sacramento – Orlando Mon., Jan. 6, 2025 Mon., April 21, 2025 4x/week*
Boise – Orlando Tue., Jan. 7, 2025 Tue., March 25, 2025 3x/week
New York (JFK) – Puerto Vallarta Wed., Jan. 8, 2025 Sun., April 20, 2025 4x/week
Sacramento – Puerto Vallarta Sat., Jan. 11, 2025 Sat., April 19, 2025 1x/week
Kansas City, Mo. – Cancun Sat., Jan. 18, 2025 Sat., June 7, 2025 1x/week
Kansas City, Mo. – Puerto Vallarta Sat., Jan. 25, 2025 Sat., April 5, 2025 1x/week
St. Louis, Mo. – Puerto Vallarta Sat., Jan 25, 2025 Sat., April 5, 2025 1x/week

*Frequency varies

Mark Reif
Mark Reif is a writer from Stowe, Vermont. During the winter, he works as a snowboard coach and rides more than 100 days. The…
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