Beards, Booze, and Bacon: The Wine Education Episode

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What new bourbon are we pumped about? Which hiking trail are we exploring? Why is the next supercar so cool? The Manual is dedicated to helping men live a more engaged life. Each week, our editors and guests get together for a round-table discussion about what’s new, exciting, and unique in the men’s lifestyle world. So pop open your favorite brew, step into your man cave, and start streaming.

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For this week’s episode of Beards, Booze, and Bacon: The Manual Podcast, the roundtable of Food and Spirits Editor Sam Slaughter; Social Media Manager Jake Rossman, and host Greg Nibler sit down with noted wine writer Katherine Cole to pick her brain on everyone’s favorite topic: wine knowledge (or lack thereof).

After learning about Cole’s background and how she got into her specialty, the group digs into the most important question of the day: Just how do you fake your way through a wine list? It’s a great answer (but you’ll have to tune in to find out what it is).

Next, the discussion moves to how wine knowledge, once a hallowed and closely-guarded thing, has been democratized, allowing for more and more people to experience and enjoy the drink. Finally, the folks touch on one of the hot summer topics of the last few years: rosé. Why drink it, why has it been so popular as of late, and why is it so damn good?

You can buy Cole’s books here.

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