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Juiced Bikes updates the Scrambler X2, one of the original go-anywhere electric bike options

Juiced Bikes has refreshed its Scrambler X2

Right front three-quarter view of a Juiced Bikes Scrambler X2 parked on sand with ocean in the background.
Courtesy Juiced Bikes / juiced Bikes

Fun, fast,  and well-built. Those three words come to mind with any new Juiced Bikes e-bike. Juiced Bikes predates most companies in the electric bike industry. Founded in 2009 by Tora Harris, an Olympic high jumper and Princeton University graduate in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Juiced started selling e-bikes in 2010. The Juiced Bikes Scrambler X2 is the most recent refresh of the solidly-built, g0-anywhere e-bike.

Juiced Bikes Scrambler X2 with a rider wearing a helmet riding on a dirt road in a forest.
Courtesy Juiced Bikes / Juiced Bikes

Electric bikes need extra power to travel off-road

The Scrambler X2’s standard power train has a 52V 15.6Ah UL 2271-certified battery paired with an upgraded 52V 1,000-watt, geared rear hub motor with a 1,300-watt peak output. The motor’s 90 Nm maximum torque nearly doubles the motor power of typical e-bikes. The X2’s 52V 25Ah electric motor controller, an often-overlooked component that manages system heating and top speed, has a customized tuning algorithm that’s firmware upgradable.

If all of that power system info is meaningless gobbledygook, here’s the TLDR summary: The X2 is fast and has the potential to be even quicker. In the X2’s launch announcement, Juiced Bikes didn’t mention an upcoming higher-performance controller accessory. Details aren’t yet available, but switching later to an optional controller with higher Ah output will likely radically boost the e-bike’s power.

Right front three-quarter view of a Juiced Bikes Scrambler X2 parked on dried grass with a forest in the background.
Courtesy Juiced Bikes / Juiced Bikes

The Scrambler X2 with the standard controller is powerful enough for most fun-seeking e-bike riders. The X2 ships set to the e-bike Class 2 default, which limits the power-assisted maximum speed to 20 mph with pedal assist modes or the right-handgrip twist throttle. Use the X2’s LCD and button controller to switch to Class 3 mode to increase the maximum speed to 28 mph with pedal power assistance.

Juiced Bikes claims the Scrambler X2 has a 55-plus miles maximum range per charge but qualifies that distance depending on e-bike Class configuration, speed, incline, terrain, rider weight, and much more. You might exceed the range rating if you ride at slow speeds with minimal pedal assistance. Conversely,  if you lower the tire pressure and use the throttle liberally for riding off-road, the range will likely drop to 20 to 30 miles.

Front left three-quarter view looking up at a rider with helmet on a Juiced Bikes Scrambler X2 riding in a covered structure that looks like a parking garage.
Courtesy Juiced Bikes / Juiced Bikes

Juiced Bikes builds tough e-bikes for rider comfort and safety

If you’re going to ride off-road, you need a rugged vehicle. The 82-pound Scrambler X2’s frame is built with 6061 aircraft-grade heat-treated aluminum in a simple box configuration. The e-bike has an adjustable front fork suspension with a lockout control. There’s no rear suspension, but speaking from experience with previous Juiced Scrambler models, you can deflate the 20-inch by 4-inch wide fat tires from their maximum pressure if you want to soften the ride. The X2’s cushioned seat also helps with riding comfort. The seat is also large enough for the rider and a passenger, provided their combined weight doesn’t exceed the bike’s 300-pound limit.

Hydraulic disc brakes front and rear with 180mm disc rotors provide ample stopping power for the Scrambler X2, and a large, motorcycle-style 4-LED headlight will help you find your way. The X2 also has an LED tail light with a brake light function.

Right front three-quarter view of a Juiced Bikes Scrambler X2 with a rider holding a helmet sitting on the bike in a side street with palm trees and ocean in the background.
Courtesy Juiced Bikes / Juiced Bikes

The Juiced Bikes Scrambler X2 list price is $1,899, although you can save $400 if you purchase one while an introductory price is still available. The Scrambler X2 is available in tan, red, and black and is sized for riders five feet eight inches tall and above.

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