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The most popular Grand Canyon trail reopens this week

Your favorite Grand Canyon trail is back in action

grand canyon national park bright angel trail view bright angel lodge
Michael Quinn / NPS

The Grand Canyon National Park has announced the much-anticipated reopening of Havasupai Gardens Campground, Bright Angel Trail, and Tonto Trail, set for April 15, 2024. This marks a celebratory moment for hiking enthusiasts and nature lovers, as one of the most renowned trails in the park becomes accessible once again after a temporary closure.

These closures began way back in December 2023 due to the Transcanyon Waterline project at the Grand Canyon National Park. This project involved extensive construction activities aimed at upgrading and replacing the water distribution lines in the park. The work included the replacement of water distribution lines throughout the Havasupai Gardens area and at the 1.5 and 3-mile rest houses, located along the Bright Angel Trail.

The duration of the closure was also used as an opportunity to carry out additional maintenance and enhancements on the trail, improving the overall hiking experience for visitors once the trail reopened.

Bright Angel Trail reopens at the Grand Canyon National Park

Bright Angel Trail Grand Canyon National Park Arizona
Nigel Killeen / Getty Images

In just a few days, hikers can once again enjoy one of the most famous hiking trails in Grand Canyon National Park. Before the trail closures, Bright Angel Trail was the most popular trail along the Grand Canyon, and with these new upgrades, we’re sure that it won’t lose its crown anytime soon. If you’re planning to hike the Bright Angel Trail, here’s everything you need to know.

The trailhead is located near the Grand Canyon Village on the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. It’s easily accessible from the park’s main visitor area, making it a popular choice for many visitors. The trail extends for about 9.5 miles one way, descending from the rim to the Colorado River. It has an elevation change of about 4,380 feet, making the hike both steep and strenuous, especially on the return journey.

Along the trail, hikers encounter various landmarks, including the Indian Garden, which is a lush oasis about halfway down, and Plateau Point, which offers breathtaking views of the inner canyon and the Colorado River. The trail also provides access to Phantom Ranch and Bright Angel Campground at the bottom of the canyon.

Unfortunately, the Plateau Point Trail from Havasupai Gardens to Plateau Point will remain closed until June 20, 2024. During this time, Tonto Trail hikers will be able to use a trail detour to connect to and from the Bright Angel Trail. These closures are subject to change.

If you’re planning on heading out there, make sure that you start early to avoid the midday heat, stay hydrated, and wear appropriate footwear. All hikes into the Grand Canyon can be pretty advanced, and Bright Angel Trail is no exception. The hike can be tough, but the views and the sense of accomplishment are well worth the effort.

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