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Beauty and a Beast: Black Series’ HQ19 RV Is Luxury on a Monster Truck Frame

Black Series

Plenty of RVs and campers claim to be designed with the serious outdoorsman in mind. (And we’ve written about many.) But the HQ19 by Aussie-born Black Series, only recently available in the U.S., redefines what we thought possible, both in function and in range. It’s not an exaggeration to say that with the company’s travel trailers, men can go deeper into the backcountry than ever before while enjoying creature comforts not even found in surrounding towns.

Founded 11 years ago in Oz, from the start Black Series emphasized low cost with damn-near bulletproof performance, crafting pull-behind campers that could survive the rigors of the outback. But while it began with the more affordable pop-up-style campers (its first cost just over $5,000 at current conversion rates), it has since expanded into caravan-style RVs built on the same all-terrain principles. This opened an entirely new category, as solid walls allows luxury features. Relocating its headquarters to Los Angeles three years ago, the company has begun to pump out an expanded line of models that deliver industry-leading function and durability to the American market.

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Black Series’ flagship camper is the HQ19. Protected around its lower half by diamond-plated rock guards, the real story is underneath and inside. Peek below the wheel wheels and you’ll find its 26-foot-long chassis balanced on an independent suspension system (think: the Mars Rover). With its four 16-inch wheels and off-road tires decoupled, each is free to roll over, in, or across impediments, making it substantially less likely to tip. This versatility is further expanded by a 360-degree hitch, which liberates the angle of the towing vehicle from the trailer. TLDR; this thing can be dragged through practically anything, including the Grand Canyon.

Of course, all its travel capabilities are moot if its insides can’t match the exterior. It’s no exaggeration to say that the HQ19’s guts are more feature-rich than many tiny homes. When in garrison, i.e. connected to power, campers can clean their dungarees in a washer while chilling out in the pumping A.C. Backcountry, its heater, microwave, 24-inch TV, indoor and outdoor showers (with on-demand hot water), and indoor and outdoor speaker systems are powered by four 100AH deep cycle batteries charged by four roof-mounted solar panels. The inside and outside are pock-marked with LED lights, which are especially useful when using one of the ranges (indoor and outdoor) to cook up a wilderness feast.

Black Series

While the trailer has general, grey, and black water tanks, it also comes standard with a triple-filter unit for drinking water as needed, making it even more versatile during extended stays, provided a water source is nearby.

While this model sleeps three (one queen bed and one lounge bed), others can sleep greater or fewer guests depending on your needs. Of course, honeycombed throughout is a ton of space for outdoor gear, including skis, one-piece fishing rods, and just about any other smaller gear you might own. It retails for $84,000.

It’s easy for companies to take golden-hour photos of their campers in wild places. But it’s harder to get them there. The Black Series’ HQ19 is one RV promotional photo we believe. Built on a decade of backcountry experience, its unique suspension system allows it to go farther and deeper than traditional tow-behinds, and with its suite of features, you’ll want to stay longer. For the serious backcountry or overland camper, there’s not a better RV available.

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