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The Best Snowboards for Bombing the Slopes

Best Snowboards

As with most gear — especially outdoor adventure gear — there is no one perfect snowboard. The best snowboard is the one that’s perfect for you. It depends on your budget, skill level, ride style, and preferred terrain.

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Hardcore powder lovers usually appreciate a wider nose and tapered tail to help prevent drag while waist-deep in the white. Freeriders want longer, stiffer, directional boards that track better off-trail in the backcountry. Novice boarders are often best served with a versatile, all-mountain board that’s easy to control and performs well in just about any snow-covered environment, from powder to hard-pack to ice. The list goes on. Whatever type of carving, cruising, or freestyling you’re into, here are our picks for the best snowboards to bomb the slopes.

Best Overall All-Mountain Snowboard

Burton Custom Flying V

Burton Custom Flying V Snowboard

One of the most loved boards from one of the world’s best snowboarding brands, Burton’s Custom Flying V is billed as “snowboarding’s one-answer to all-terrain.” With a mostly rocker profile (and a zone of camber under each foot), it’s versatile and easy to ride for every skill level. The medium-flex construction comes courtesy of a poppy wood core bolstered with a layer of carbon. So, the ride is playful, responsive, and fast when you want it to be. It’s a perfect all-around choice for beginner to intermediate to expert snowboarders.

Most Beginner-Friendly Snowboard

Arbor Foundation Snowboard

Arbor Foundation Snowboard

Novices looking to take the plunge and buy their first snowboard needn’t look further than the Arbor Foundation Snowboard. This beginner-friendly board comes pre-waxed and features a design that’s easy to ride with a forgiving, snag-free feel in most any terrain. A buttery soft flex guarantees this snowboard is easy to steer, while Arbor’s Grip Tech provides stability and control on packed snow. Plus, eco-conscious boarders will appreciate the environmentally friendly recycled ABS sidewalls.

Most Beautiful Design

Burton Flight Attendant Camber Snowboard

Burton Flight Attendant Camber Snowboard

There’s no denying Burton offers some of the world’s sexiest boards. The Flight Attendant Camber’s bespoke abstract artwork by artist William M Stevenson is dreamy, ethereal, and beautiful. The stiff, aggressive design is best for intermediate and expert boarders who prefer powdery slopes.

Most Versatile All-Mountain Snowboard

Salomon Assassin

Salomon Assassin Snowboard

Salomon’s Assassin is a Swiss-Army-knife-style snowboard. It combines the best of the brand’s freestyle and freeride boards into a single, versatile, all-mountain board. The medium-stiff flex comes courtesy of a bamboo and cork backing that provides plenty of damping, but this thing still guarantees plenty of speed and pop. For intermediate to expert boarders looking for just one do-it-all snowboard, the Assassin is your man.

Best Park-Oriented All-Mountain Snowboard

Ride Twinpig Snowboard

Ride Twinpig Snowboard

The Twinpig is the lighter, more “fun” version of Ride’s Warpig. It’s an all-mountain board with a park-friendly, asymmetrical twin shape design and Hybrid Rocker profile that provides plenty of soft flex for freestyle-minded carvers. Plus, extra-thick Cleave Edges and a sintered base maximize durability for longevity year-over-year.

Best Freeride Snowboard

K2 Alchemist Snowboard 2020/2021

K2 Alchemist Snowboard 2020/2021

K2 pulls no punches and spares no expense with its flagship Alchemist Snowboard for 2020-2021. It’s a technological marvel that combines the world-famous brand’s best engineering feats into a single premium board. Think triaxial glass laminate over a carbon-infused sintered base and a next-generation Bambooyah Pro Core — all of which combine for an ultra-stiff, no-nonsense ride. For hardcore freeriders who spend their days riding where most others don’t (or can’t), this is a damn near perfect board.

Best Park Snowboard

Bataleon Evil Twin Snowboard

Bataleon Evil Twin Snowboard

Bataleon’s Evil Twin has reached almost legendary status among in-the-know park boarders. It’s been touted by Whitelines as the potential “Holy Grail of freestyle snowboards,” and it’s easy to see why. The tech-filled freestyle board offers traditional camber for reliable power, pop, and control. With solid medium flex, it’s ideal for steep terrain, big jumps, and rail sections. A poplar-filled core saves weight, while integrated carbon rods maximize ollie power and absorb hard landings. Not to mention, the design is so damn cool.

Best for Death-Defying Slope Assaults

Capita Black Snowboard of Death Snowboard 2020/2021

Capita Black Snowboard of Death Snowboard 2020/2021

We’ve saved the fastest and most badass snowboard for last. As the name implies, the Black Snowboard of Death Snowboard (“BSoD” for those in the know) is built for lighting-fast descents when it’s less about fancy footwork and more about the sheer speed and intensity of the run. The stiff flex, directional shape, and well-balanced construction provide near-instant control into quick turns in almost any condition. This is not a board for newbies or the faint of heart.

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