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The Best Ski Jackets for Men

As with all of your mountain gear, choosing the best ski jacket is a daunting task. It’s extra important that you find a serviceable jacket that can withstand a wide range of weather conditions. You’ll want a jacket that keeps you warm and dry in well below freezing temperatures, offers enhanced breathability during spring ski weather, and boasts the mobility you need to shred without worry.

The different styles of ski jackets each offer their own respective advantages for different conditions and budgets.

Types of ski jackets:

  • Hardshell: This is the most common ski jacket type you’ll find simply because it covers a lot of ground when it comes to versatility outdoors and resistance to water. Because of their typically bulky build, they also tend to feature breathable details so you can hit the mountain hard without worrying about being too warm.
  • Softshell: Softshell ski jackets are extremely comfortable and lightweight, but are still able to give you the waterproof properties you need when hitting the slopes. You might not get as much wind and water protection from a softshell as you would its hardshell cousin, but if you don’t plan on biffing it, or you plan on layering appropriately, then a softshell might be your best option.
  • Insulated: Insulated jackets tend to be very, very warm. There will come those extra icy days when warmth trumps functionality, and in that case, an insulated jacket is your best bet.

Without further adieu, here are the best ski jackets for men that are warm enough for subzero temperatures and stylish enough for heading from the slopes to the lodge for drinks with no intermission.

Wantdo Mountain Waterproof Ski Jacket

Wantdo Mountain Waterproof Ski Jacket
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Wantdo’s ski jacket is one of our favorite picks because of its incredible value and efficacy. Not only does it offer versatility between your time on the mountain and ski lodge, but it’s indubitably practical for both. This jacket sports a durable, water-repellent polyester fabric that can also fend off the wind and dries quickly. What we love most is the jacket’s ergonomic design, which provides the elemental protection you need and the comfortable, mobile fit you desire. This jacket simply repels water with the best of them, and at an affordable price.


  • Best value, hands down
  • Offers versatile wearing ability (changing of seasons and environments)
  • Fuzzy insulation to keep you warm
  • Two zippered pockets, one waterproof chest pocket, and one interior media pocket

Moerdeng Waterproof Ski Jacket

Moerdeng Waterproof Ski Jacket
Image used with permission by copyright holder

When it comes to full-on water and wind protection at high altitudes, it’s a safe bet to put your money on Moerdeng. Its softshell polyester ski jacket is a perfectly insulated shell that’s specifically designed to endure all of your outdoor snowsports. Its waterproofing is even strong enough to hold up as a rain jacket if need be. Aside from its professional-grade water resistance, the Moerdeng ski jacket features adjustable cuffs and a stretchable glove hole that will help seal in warmth at high elevations, an adjustable storm hood in the event of bad weather conditions, and a snap powder skirt to keep snow and wind from penetrating underneath.


  • Multipurpose utility
  • Fuzzy lining offers stellar heat retention in cold, wet environments
  • Offered in six stylish colorways (our favorite is the black and white camo print)
  • Great value for the level of warmth and water resistance provided

Arc’teryx Beta Ar Jacket

Arc'teryx Beta Ar Jacket
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Don’t be fooled by the price of the Arc’teryx Beta Ar jacket. This ski jacket from the Canadian outdoor apparel gurus is as good as it gets when it comes to keeping you dry and comfortable on the slopes, and is just the right length for layering with other items if need be. It’s sort of a hybrid between a softshell and hardshell jacket, so it offers more mobility than some of our other options, just not at the expense of its other performance details like breathability. Frankly, its GORE-TEX Pro exterior delivers some of the best waterproof protection you can get. Period.


  • GORE-TEX Pro shell for unparalleled water resistance
  • Lightweight yet durable and highly functional
  • Easy to pack away when the sun comes out or you head indoors
  • You get what you pay for (durability, longevity, and utility)

Helly Hansen Alpha Lifaloft Jacket

Helly Hansen Alpha Lifaloft Jacket
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Helly Hansen is as trusted as Tom Hanks. What we mean is that Helly Hansen crafts products that are authentic and likable because they work. The Alpha Lifaloft ski jacket provides the best balance between weight and insulation to ensure nothing holds you back on the slopes. Its four-way stretch fabric supplies the mobility needed during high energy snowsports, while its Lifaloft insulation technology and sealed seams will get you through even the worst of storms. We also love this jacket because it’s equipped with a RECCO Advanced Rescue System that emits a directional radar signal in case you venture off-trail or experience a hard fall.


  • Lifaloft tech ensures warmth
  • Encased in durable water repellency treatment
  • Two pockets for hands, a ski pass pocket, two chest pockets with Google Shammy, and internal pockets for media and goggles
  • Detachable, helmet-compatible hood
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