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How to Prevent Swamp Crotch Once and for All

We’re well into the dog days of summer, and the sunshine season comes complete with heat waves, high humidity … and sweaty nether-regions to match. If the heat weren’t enough to wreak havoc on the comfort of our privates, it’s said that eating too many processed foods, or those with trans fats, as well as drinking too much caffeine or alcohol can make you sweat even more.

Of course there are people with hyperhidrosis — overactive sweat glands — but for most of us, it’s as simple as a) it’s hot, b) we’re wearing too many clothes in an effort to keep things SFW, and possibly, c) we just finished a workout so that your beach body is on point for the weekend.

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Problem is, just like bacteria and fungus that can grow in your underarms and contribute to stank, those little devils can also grow in your pants, making things stinky and itchy. Luckily, we have solutions! See — and you should pardon the expression — below, for a round-up of some of our favorite ways to help you get fresh balls. Whether you’re looking for deodorant, shaving cream, or powder, we’ve got you covered. Even better, most of these products work just as well for the rest of your body.

Panasonic Men’s Cordless Electric Body Groomer for Men

Panasonic body trimmer

One way to keep swamp at bay is with a regular manscaping. While there are plenty of novelty trimmers marketed for your groin area, our favorite has to be Panasonic’s body groomer, which easily mows through the curves and crevices of your … um … nether regions with ease and without any nicks. It also includes two attachments to adjust your desired hair length, and it works just as effectively in trimming other body hair. We love a good multitasker.

Hiki Body Powder

hiki body powder

Much has been said about the possible side effects of talc, which can often be found in countless body powders. Enter Hiki, a clean sweat line that we can’t stop giving awards to. The brand’s body powder is not only talc-free, but also contains natural ingredients like corn starch silica to easily absorb excess moisture. Plus, it doesn’t leave a white cast after you rub it in.

Everyone Unscented Body Wash

It goes without saying that washing your family jewels daily is another great way to keep your groin area fresh and clean. Be mindful though when choosing the right soap, as your groin area’s skin is more sensitive than the rest of your body. Stick with an unscented formula like Everyone’s, which also features aloe vera for a soothing cleanse.

Anthony No Sweat Body Defense

Anthony No Sweat Body Defense

Anthony takes a no-nonsense, prescriptive approach to skincare; in this case incorporating tapioca starch for a powder-like barrier to keep skin and private parts dry and cushioned from discomfort, as well as refreshing aloe vera and nourishing vitamin E. The product goes on as a cream, drying to a powder, to keep your area high and dry (well … maybe not high) all day long. It is summer, after all, and things to tend to hang a little lower.

Chassis Man Care Restoration Cream

Chassis Man Care Restoration Cream

Men know it’s always important to take care of the chassis … as well as what’s under it. Chassis Man Care offers Restoration Cream to soothe skin in our most delicate areas (especially nice when we forgot to do anything to protect our boys). It also helps prevent chafing and friction, utilizing natural ingredients like witch hazel, oatmeal, hops, and pumpkin seed extracts to protect, nourish, and moisturize your private skin.

Pair of Thieves Superfit Boxer Briefs

pair of thieves briefs

There are plenty of reasons to throw away your tighty whities. One of them is that they cause poor circulation and turn your crotch into, well, a swamp. Opt for looser underwear for better circulation. But if you still want to keep your family jewels tightly packed (and fresh), opt for these boxer briefs from Pair of Thieves. “Like A/C for your balls” reads its marketing campaign, and thanks to its proprietary sweat-wicking fabric, we’ve got to agree.

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