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Our Rules for Zoom Room Drinking Game, Because Why Not?

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By now, you might have taken part in a Zoom happy hour — or at the very least, if you are working from home, you most definitely have participated in a Zoom meeting. What you notice, after spending enough time in Zoom “rooms,” is that a lot of the same things happen for the most part — repeatedly. Outside of people talking over other people, it’s not uncommon for people to join with their music still on, to switch their background to one of the fake ones (which can be a welcome respite from staring at the cow painting on your coworker’s spare room wall), et cetera.

Seeing these over and over again, we decided to do something about it. We made a drinking game. Sure, most of us are already drinking while on Zoom, but now we’ve made up a series of rules to make things more interesting, should you want to take that route.

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The Zoom Drinking Game

Check out our rules below, and feel free to add your own to your game. These rules apply whether you are in a virtual meeting or happy hour. (Also, if you’re actually in meetings, it’d probably be smarter to just keep a tally and not be drunk on the job… be smart about it.)

Take 1 Drink

  • For every mention of the coronavirus.
  • Every time someone starts a meeting with “How are you holding up?”
  • Every time someone says, “Sorry, I was on mute.”
  • For every time zone represented.
  • Every time someone talks over someone else.
  • Every person who is not wearing pants.

Take 2 Drinks

  • Every time someone joins a meeting with Spotify still on.
  • Every time someone uses a fake background.
  • Every time someone comments on the fake background.

Take 3 Drinks

  • Any time someone relocates mid-meeting.
  • Any time someone has a laptop sitting on their body so it moves constantly.

Take 4 Drinks

  • Every time a pet/child/significant other/roommate interrupts in some way.

Times are tough right now, everyone knows this. Need tips for working from home? We’ve got you covered. Just remember: Stay safe, practice social distancing, support local restaurants and stores when you can, and try and find some joy in the little things — like drinking games.

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