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This new Wild Turkey bourbon is the brand’s highest-proof release ever (and its most expensive)

You can still get your hands on this limited-edition bourbon

Wild Turkey
Wild Turkey

Wild Turkey is well-known for its unmatched value-to-price ratio. To name a few, popular expressions like Wild Turkey 101 and Wild Turkey Rare Breed are bargain-priced, high-quality sippers that belong on every whiskey fan’s home bar cart. But just because the brand makes myriad low-priced expressions, bourbon aficionados still often look to the brand for long-aged, limited-edition expressions. Some of which carry a fairly large price tag.

The newest must-try expression from the iconic Kentucky-based distillery is called Wild Turkey Generations. The name is a reference to the fact that it’s the first collaboration between three generations of the Russell family (including the newly named Associated Blender Bruce Russell). The bourbon itself is a limited-edition blend of four hand-picked bourbons that were picked to create a sublime, nuanced flavor profile. Not only that, but the expression is non-chill filtered and bottled at barrel proof.

“With Generations, we set out to make a whiskey that was truly a celebration of family and bold spirit,” Wild Turkey Associate Blender Bruce Russell said in a press release. “My dad always says we are more than the name on the bottle – and this was my first opportunity to bring my own point of view while also applying everything I’ve learned from him and my granddad. We love this whiskey and are so proud of the story it tells.”

Wild Turkey
Wild Turkey

The newly selected bourbon blends

The most exciting thing about this unique expression is that each of the three picked a bourbon to add to the blend. Bruce selected a bold, rich 12-year-old expression, and his father, Eddie, picked a soft, honey, and vanilla-filled 15-year-old expression. The father and son duo picked another sweet, soft 14-year-old expression. Jimmy (Bruce’s grandfather and Eddie’s father) selected a nine-year-old bourbon that stays true to the Wild Turkey flavor profile fans of the brand love.

As we mentioned earlier, the expression was bottled at barrel proof. Specifically at a bold 120.8-proof (60.4% ABV). According to the distillery, it begins with a nose of charred oak, vanilla beans, baked apples, toffee, clove, floral notes, and gentle spices. The palate is known for its complex, rich flavor profile consisting of toasted vanilla beans, caramel candy, and dark cherry flavors before moving on to rich oaky wood and cracked black pepper.

Now that you’ve learned about the whiskeys involved in the blend and the purported aromas and flavors, you’re probably wondering what price this expression will set you back. Well, while there’s no telling how much it might cost on the secondary market, the suggested retail price is a staggering $450. Only 5,000 bottles are being made available. They can be purchased at selected retailers throughout the US.

So, if you have a few extra hundred dollars burning a hole in your pocket and you want to enjoy a long-aged blend of bourbons selected by three generations of the royal family of American distilling, grab yourself a bottle of Wild Turkey Generations while you still can. And if that seems a bit too pricey for you, just know that you can always buy a bottle of Wild Turkey Rare Breed or Wild Turkey 101, and you’ll be pretty happy.

Christopher Osburn
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