Up Your Bourbon Game: Buy An Entire Freakin’ Barrel of It

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Walk into just about any hipster joint and/or craft distillery/brewery in the country and you’re bound to see a bourbon barrel being used in some way—as a table, as the base of a sink, as a general piece of art.

The problem with all these barrels? There’s no bourbon in them.

It’s all well and good that bourbon barrels can be used as art after their time is done, but here’s the thing. That’s boring. Bourbon barrels, I think we can all agree, are better when there is actual bourbon in them (though, the bourbon is arguably better when it is taken out of the barrel).

Well, Texas-based Garrison Brothers Bourbon is here to help. They recently unveiled their new Single Barrel Bourbon program, which will allow customers to buy an entire barrel of their bourbon, which was named the 2014 Micro Whiskey of the Year.

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What this means is that, once you pick your barrel, you commit to buying all 48-81 bottles (depending on the angel’s share loss) yielded by said barrel. Not only do you get the bottles of bourbon, but you get to keep the barrel as well.

Never had the bourbon? At three years old and 94-proof, it is the “big brother” to Garrison Brothers Texas Straight Bourbon Whiskey. It’s made from organic Panhandle corn, soft red winter wheat, two-row malted barley and pure, clean Hill Country rainwater.

The barrels range form $5,300 to $8,900 per barrel, which averages out to around $109 per bottle. There are only 300 barrels for sale, so if this is your thing, start looking at booking your flight to Hye, Texas to get your hands on a true bourbon collector’s item.

(If you do buy a barrel, though, make sure to send us a bottle or four as a finder’s fee.)

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