The Manual’s Guide on Drinking

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In the upcoming weeks, The Manual will be posting tips from people in the know on various industries. Today we take have a cocktail at Omar’s. 

Our thoughts on the subject:

Trumpets blare! It’s cocktail time! Nothing wraps up a long day nicer than a well poured drink or a cool IPA. We get tipsy just reading about new cocktails, whiskey blends and well made muddlers. And we can’t forget the wine! Thanks to the boys at Wine Awesomeness who are writing for us, they make the nectar of Gods more approachable for men to discover, appreciate and stock up on. Our favorite line from them? “Offer a gal a bourbon and she’s out the door, pop open a bottle of bubbly and the shoes come off.” Well played, gents.

Tips from a Bartender:

We spoke to Mark Noonan who started his mixologist career working in the famed Sydney cocktail bar hotspot “Grand Pacific Blue Room” back in the late 90s before moving back home to Ireland to work for Bono and Edge at their famed hotel “The Clarence” in Dublin. He is now a native New Yorker having passed the test of time and is now “The Enabler” at Omar’s Private dining club in Manhattan.

Drinking Etiquette:

  • Know when enough is enough. We know it is hard but just step outside and have a moment. Do you really need one more? Or would you rather have a burger and your bed? That’s what we thought.
  • Drink water! This is the key to keeping your wits whilst throwing down. We try to drink a glass of water between each drink.
  • Always have aspirin on you. You never know where you will wake up the next day, so go  out prepared.
  • Limit phone time. Nobody wants to see your cat video at the bar and your girlfriend doesn’t need a poorly worded sext (that you accidentally send to your mom).
  • Try something new. Don’t be the ‘Vodka & Soda’ doofus. Try something new and interesting that a bartender actually enjoys making.

Here, Noonan give us his tips on how to woo the ladies at the bar:

  • I find to successfully chat up a lady at a bar, the sophisticated approach is always better. The compliment to break the ice, the offering of buying her a drink and then going that extra mile of ordering a champagne can always be the perfect step in the right direction.
  •  When meeting a woman for a first date, make the venue special. Somewhere that has not got to much of a scene but has a great buzz about it is always a good choice. Always arrive early and not on time. Having the perfect seating arrangement will always work in your favor.
  • If you really want to impress a lady, order her a drink before she arrives. I find popular choices of Prosecco with a splash of St.Germain, or tequila with a citrus and spice element are usually the way to go.
  • Always get the tab. Chivalry is not dead and it shouldn’t start with you. Step up.
  • No matter how many drinks you have, never have expectations. Always go into a date with an open heart and  open mind. Only then will the unexpected take place!

Here are some of our favorite bars around the nation. Got a new one for us? Leave a comment below.

  • The roof top bar at the Wythe Hotel, Brooklyn, New York
  • The Ship Tavern, Denver, Colorado
  • Bar Agricole, San Francisco, California
  • The Aviary, Chicago, Illinois
  • The Round Robin in the Willard Hotel, Washington, DC
  • Holeman and Finch Public House, Atlanta, Georgia
  • Tony’s Saloon, Los Angeles, California

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