21st Amendment is Bringing ‘Tasty’ IPA Back

Nearly every home-brewer dreams of one day sharing their beer with the masses. Some home-brewers realize that dream by securing a job in the industry as a commercial brewer. Others get their beer into production through contests like Stone Brewing’s annual home brew competition. But if you’re good enough, maybe the brewery will come to you.

That’s what happened last year when California brewery 21st Amendment approached Mike McDole to craft a new India Pale Ale recipe. The new beer was called “Tasty,” after McDole’s nickname. It sold very well, despite its limited release status, and now it’s back for all to enjoy. 

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This time around, the beer is getting a much bigger push. 21st Amendment is putting a lot of resources behind the beer, with offerings ranging from traditional 6-packs to 15-packs, and even large-format 19.2oz cans. The new seasonal started appearing in stores in September and will be available all the way through March.

If you were lucky enough to try the beer on its initial launch, the one difference you’ll notice right away is the redesigned packaging. The can art no longer features an illustration of McDole swimming in a sea of hop cones. Now, it’s Benjamin Franklin’s turn to bathe in the verdant sea. In addition to being one of the United States’ founding fathers, Franklin was also an avid home-brewer and is recognized as a pseudo-patron saint of the community.

“This new design fits perfectly into our brand portfolio,” says Nico Freccia, co-founder of 21st Amendment Brewery. “We are excited for its permanent place as our fall to winter seasonal.”

Tasty measures 6.8 percent alcohol by volume and pours a dazzling gold color into a glass. The mouthfeel is bright and lively and features a crisp hop bite with tropical fruit aromas. There are a ton of hops in this beer, including additions of Calypso, Ekuanot and Azacca, CTZ, and Simcoe. Home brewers will also enjoy knowing this beer’s recipe was derived from a fellow enthusiast’s test batches — a sweet selling point.

You can learn more about Mike McDole by listening to his appearances on The Brewing Network podcasts The Session and The Jamil Show. If you’d like to get a taste of Tasty for yourself, it’s available in all of 21st Amendment’s distribution area in 27 US states. Check the “beer finder” on 21st Amendment’s website for more information.

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