Embrace Your Inner Drunken Sailor with this Ship in a Bottle Decanter

Handblown glass and a solid red oak base… and to think you ever drank straight from the bottle.

There are three types of men: those who drink out of bottles, those who drink from decanters, and those who invest in a stunning spirits vessel that becomes the talking point of the entire man cave.

(We recommend you start working toward the latter.)

And for those true aficionados looking to make the jump to a custom, piece-of-art decanter, we did the heavy lifting and found an unrivaled glass piece that turns humdrum drinking into at artisanal act, drawing out your inner drunken sailor.

Made from hand-blown glass and detailed with an incredible handcrafted ship and handcrafted solid red oak base made from Kentucky master craftsmen, you’ll up your drinking game with the U.S.F. Constellation Glass Decanter ($99.95)


This 1150 ml nautical-themed decanter has a stainless steel spigot and encases your precious brew in 100-percent lead-free glass. More specifically (and you’ll want to know this so you can brag about the piece) the decanter is made of borosilicate, which is a thicker glass more durable than most on the market. 

Then, of course, there’s the intricate ship-in-a-bottle detail, inspired by the U.S.F. “frigate” Constellation. Historically speaking, this was one of the first vessels put to sea by the new United States Navy, launched on September 7, 1797. Thanks to her swift sailing speed and handling ability, she gained the nickname “Yankee Racehorse,” and was the first to defeat an enemy ship — the L’Insurgente (the fastest in the French Navy!)

… and you thought Budweiser was the most ‘Merican way to drink.

It’s a minuscule detail, but once your supply diminishes, the ship emerges over the liquor in a great floating illusion.

A closer look at the details of this Constellation1797 decanter reveals a ground glass stopper that creates an airtight seal to ensure the quality of your liquor is preserved with no evaporation.

The expert craftsmen of this piece of spirit perfection are so confident their work is iron-clad, the piece has a 60-day full refund policy. (Although you really won’t need it.)

So, Ahoy! And, Cheers!

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