Be a ‘Ginvestor’: Drink Gin and Provide Clean Water Worldwide with One Gin

We love when we can combine our passion for the good life with helping at least start other people on the path to the same. We especially like it when we can eat and drink while doing it. This time, not only can we drink it, but we can get a little tipsy along the way thanks to a crowdfunding campaign for a new spirit, One Gin. We do have to say, though, this time around, it’s all up to our UK brothers on this one.

One Drinks, a London-based group that has primarily dealt in soft drinks and water, is launching a new venture—One Gin—that will simultaneously be a local and global effort. It will be kept local because One Gin, which is distilled by multi-award-winning Master Distiller Sarah Thompson at Blackdown Distillery in Sussex, uses quintessential British sage foraged from the grounds of the distillery as one of the nine botanicals. The venture goes global when the proceeds from the gin are donated to organizations that help provide clean water to those in need.

To date, One Drinks has helped over 3 million people by raising £15 million through their efforts.


Back to the gin, though. One Gin is distilled seven times in an alembic copper still and, because of the addition of sage, will have black tea notes, which is perhaps the most British thing that could happen, aside from it being delivered by the Queen’s Guard in a cart propelled by a herd of corgis.

As we mentioned earlier, only UK shipping is available, sadly, but that just means there’s more of a reason than ever to head across the pond. (If you do happen to need more, you should check out our Scotland page, it’s pretty damn awesome.)

If you are over there, though, or have connections, you can check out the campaign here. One bottle will run you around £45. If you’re in the UK and really want to blow it out for charity, you can pledge £1500 and a full English tea party for up to thirty people, which will include a cocktail master class and five drinks per guest. Cheers!

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