Jim Beam’s Special Father’s Day Package Might Be the Best Deal Ever

Whiskey is a wonderful Father’s Day gift. How could it not be? If your dad’s been killing it this year with his dadittude: whiskey. If you, as a son, realize that you weren’t being the best you could be in the previous 365: whiskey. As long as your father drinks, whiskey is pretty much the perfect gift. Jim Beam recognizes that and is giving people the chance to really make a play for “Best Son Ever” by selling the Bonding Over Bourbon Experience, a special Father’s Day gift that’ll blow his freaking mind (if you can get it).

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The Bonding Over Bourbon Experience is a chance to show dad the ins and outs of the highest-rated bourbons in the world — all for the price of a single bottle of the stuff. Sold through Jom Beam’s online store, the Bonding Over Bourbon Experience includes:

  • Round-trip flights for two to Kentucky
  • Two-night hotel stay in downtown Louisville
  • Behind-the-scenes Jim Beam distillery tour
  • Exclusive meet-and-greet with Jim Beam’s seventh-generation master dDistiller, Fred Noe
  • Dinner for two at a renowned local Kentucky restaurant
  • Round of golf at a local course
  • Limited-edition Jim Beam Black gift box with a decanter, rocks glasses, and a luggage tag

That’s right, folks — for t$25, you can blow your dad’s G-D mind. (And once, it’s blown, you can check out our favorite spots in Louisville and blow it even more.)

Obviously, they only are selling a limited amount of these (the first available run that was seemingly sold out in the amount of time it took to write this sentence), but they will be re-releasing the experience at various points between now and Father’s Day. You can find out when they will be releasing the restocks exclusively on the Jim Beam Facebook page.

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If you’re lucky enough to snag one of these (and why wouldn’t you?), you’ll still have to book your own travel (Jim Beam will provide gift cards for the travel, hotel, et cetera), but that miniscule amount of work seems negligible when you consider that you’ll have only spent a tiny bit of money and gotten a ton of stuff for it (you know, like the feeling of being the eternal victor over your siblings because a tie, a phone call, and a Facebook post ain’t got shit on this).

You can try your clicker finger at getting one of these insane deals at the Jim Beam online store.


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