What to Drink When You’re Watching the Final Season of Game of Thrones

tyrion lannister wine game of thrones

It’s finally here, after what seems like the better part of a decade of waiting — the final season of Game of Thrones is upon us. If you’re reading this, then chances are you have your own theories as to who is going to die and when and are eagerly waiting to see if you are right.

Game of Thrones final season premiere: Sunday, April 14

Whether your theories are right or not, we know one thing that doesn’t take a genius to figure out: You’re going to need a drink to get through these last six episodes. The question then is what do you drink? Do you pretend to be a commoner of the Seven Kingdoms and pound some cheap ale or do you seek out the finer things, choosing instead a fine Dornish red?

Well, seeing as you can’t technically get a Dornish red, we’ve put together a list of the best things to drink while watching Game of Thrones. Some, as you’ll see, are licensed products while others we’ve chosen to represent some of the potent potables that pop up in and around Westeros. Whichever drink you choose, make sure you pour a little out for everyone who is, inevitably, not going to make it to the end.


Ommegang Brewery’s For the Throne

Ommegang Brewery For the Throne
Ommegang Brewery

For years now, Ommegang has been brewing up Game of Thrones-inspired beers. The latest, For the Throne, is a strong golden ale fermented with Pinot Grigio and Viognier grape juice. Bottle-conditioned with Champagne yeast, this is the brewery’s final tribute to whoever will end up on the Iron Throne. With notes of honeysuckle, pear, and apricot, it is truly a brew befitting a king (or queen).

Einstök Beer

Einstök Beer

We know that the characters in Game of Thrones are not Vikings, but since many of them look and act like Vikings, Iceland’s top craft beer, Einstök, makes for an appropriate choice. The most popular beer, Icelandic White Ale, is made with oats, citrus, and coriander, leading to a clean and crisp beer that is perfect for getting ready to pillage a village.


Diageo’s Game of Thrones Whiskies


Released late last year, Diageo’s GoT-branded whiskies pull from their various distilleries, offering up a chance to drink a whisky befitting a Lannister, Tyrell, et cetera. From the blended White Walker by Johnnie Walker to House Baratheon’s Royal Lochnagar 12 Year Old, there are nine different whiskies to choose from.

New Deal Pear Brandy

new deal pear brandy sidecar cocktail
Dan Baker/The Manual

The winner in the brandy category for The Manual’s 2018 Spirit Awards, New Deal Pear Brandy is made with 100% estate-grown Hood River Bartlett pears from the Pereday Orchard in the Columbia River Gorge of the Pacific Northwest. From the first sniff to the last sip, this brandy is like walking through a pear orchard and taking a bite of the juiciest, freshest pear you could ever imagine. Not only do you get the sweetness of the fresh pear, but you also get the earthy beauty of the skin and the orchard around you.

Kill Devil Single Cask Rum

Kill Devil Single Cask Rum
Kill Devil Single Cask Rum

If you’re sailing to or from the Iron Islands, you’re going to want to stock up on rum for the journey. Kill Devil Single Cask Rum is sourced from the Caribbean (and sometimes elsewhere) and comes in at 46% alcohol by volume (cask strength). Each offering is labeled with the country of origin and vary in flavor profiles.


Game of Thrones Wines

Game of Thrones Wines
Game of Thrones Wines

Made by Bob Cabral, the fourth-generation farmer and grape grower who produced the first 100% California Pinot Noir, the Game of Thrones Wines are a great option if you want to keep it classy while telling people you drink and you know things. Currently, you can buy a red wine blend (which uses six varietals) or a Chardonnay, both from California.

Mulled Wine

mulled wine orange
Hannah Pemberton

It gets cold up on the Wall, so mulled wine is a necessity. For most viewers, it isn’t going to be nearly that cold, but it could be fun if you’re throwing a themed party. While there are commercially-produced mulled wines out there, it’s pretty easy to make your own.

Chateau Morrisette Blackberry Wine

Chateau Morrisette Blackberry Wine
Chateau Morrisette

Made in Floyd, Virginia, this blackberry wine from Chateau Morrisette (a winery that’s been making wine since the 1970s) basically tastes like a blackberry pie in a glass. While it isn’t homemade like in the books/show, you can easily see yourself riding alongside Arya Stark on her way to kill Cersei. Sweet and fruity, it’s as satisfying as watching the person who made life hell for you taken out for good.


B Nektar Meadery’s Dragons Are Real

B Nektar Meadery Dragons Are Real
B. Nektar/Instagram

Michigan’s B Nektar Meadery has been producing top-quality meads and ciders since 2008. One of the newest, Dragons Are Real, is a fitting mead to quaff during the upcoming season. Dragons Are Real is a cherry chipotle mead aged in New Holland Brewing’s Dragon’s Milk barrels with cacao nibs. If you can’t find Dragons Are Real, you could also go with another appropriate release from the meadery, a cider named Zombie Killer.