Whisky Is Coming: All Men Must Drink This ‘Game of Thrones’ Scotch

First, you got Game of Thrones beer. Then you got Game of Thrones wine. Now, the Old Gods have listened to the prayers of you, citizens of Westeros, and provided a new tipple: Game of Thrones whisky.

In partnership with HBO, international beverage company Diageo is releasing a series of special-edition Game of Thrones whiskies, starting with White Walker by Johnnie Walker, a new blend of single malt Scotch whiskies meant to evoke the harsh winters (and the denizens) north of The Wall.

game of thrones white walker night king

Not simply a repackaging of a previous Johnnie Walker whisky, White Walker by Johnnie Walker is a 41.7 percent alcohol by volume blend of single malts from Cardhu and Clynelish, one of Scotland’s northernmost distilleries (think north of The Wall temps and you wouldn’t be far off). The palate features caramelized sugar, vanilla, red berries, and hints of orchard fruit and will retail for around $36.

Perhaps more interesting than the whisky is the packaging and the fact that Diageo is urging customers to freeze their whisky and serve it ice cold. If you spit out the whisky we know you’re currently drinking, we had much the same reaction at first.

For this release, the bottle producers utilized temperature-sensitive thermochromic ink technology that reacts when frozen. You will literally be reminded that winter has come (or, for the fact that you’ve frozen a bottle of Scotch, that hell has frozen over) every time you freeze the bottle. Either way, the bottle will reveal icy veins coursing through the label, as well as the words “Winter is here” down the side. In addition, Johnnie Walker’s iconic striding man logo has been armored up to blend in with the Night King’s armies.

White Walker Straight Bottle Frozen Temperature

If White Walkers aren’t your thing, Diageo has also got you covered. GOT superfans will also be able to pledge fealty to their chosen house with eight different Scotches that have been paired with seven of the Great Houses of Westeros (excluding Houses Frey, Arryn, and Martell) and the Night’s Watch. The pairings are:

  • House Targaryen: Cardhu Gold Reserve (SRP $40)
  • House Tully: The Singleton Glendullan Select (SRP $30)
  • House Stark: Dalwhinnie Winter’s Frost (SRP $40)
  • House Lannister: Lagavulin 9 Year Old (SRP $65)
  • House Greyjoy: Talisker Select Reserve (SRP $45)
  • House Baratheon: Royal Lochnagar 12 Year Old (SRP $65)
  • House Tyrell: Clynelish Reserve (SRP $60)
  • The Night’s Watch: Oban Little Bay Reserve (SRP $63)
game of thrones house bottles

Each pairing was selected to show the strong tie between the house and the chosen Scotch. House Targaryen and Cardhu, for example, are both rich in histories of legendary women. Meanwhile, House Tully and The Singleton Glendullan are both propelled by the power of water. No matter if you feel ready to battle the White Walkers or you’re content to dine and indulge within the confines of Riverrun Castle (especially if you were the one who bought it), you will find a whisky to suit your needs.

The biggest problem will be making that whisky last until the next (and final) season of Game of Thrones premieres in 2019. Perhaps you can, in the meantime, check out the Game of Thrones hotel to keep your mind off the waiting?


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