Beers to Share with Dad This Father’s Day

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From legacy lagers to modern craft miracles, find the perfect beer to toast the man that made you this Father’s Day.

Father’s Day is a time set aside to say thanks to all the dads out there. No matter how loving or strained your relationship with your father, chances are you can at least bond over two things: Beer and football. Unfortunately, football season is months away and you and dad may not share the some sophistication when it comes to a refreshing pint. To split the difference, here are four beers to share with dad this Father’s Day, defined in football terms.

The Veteran Lineman

old rasputin barrel aged imperial stout

Special occasions call for heavy stouts. These are the stalwarts that keep the game one of inches, not yards. Go classic with Old Rasputin from North Coast Brewing. Savor each sip to assemble four quarters of liquid bliss.

The Blitz


Massachusetts’ Tree House Brewing Company is one of the hottest places to grab an India Pale Ale in the country. Its tap room sees daily sellouts of fan favorites like Bright and Haze. If you want to show pops the best of what the the intense, sensory overload IPA craze has to offer, start here.

The Hail Mary


If your dad is a more adventurous drinker, or even if beer just isn’t his thing, reach high for a tongue twisting sour ale. These brews utilize exotic yeast strains to push the boundaries of what we expect from ales to create tart, acidic and funky flavor profiles. Try any of Bruery Terreaux’s bottles to take a dip in the deep end of beer drinking.

The Throwback

If all else fails, drink a beer you know your dad will love – one he grew up drinking. These are often regional beers like Iron City Beer in Pittsburgh or Old Style (now owned by Pabst) in Chicago. Upstate New York’s Genesee Beer has a fairly wide distribution area if you’ve strayed far from the homeland.


No matter what beer you choose, use Father’s Day as an excuse to make a toast and raise a glass to fathers, sons and the eventual return of football.

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