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The $5 Meal Delivery Service That’ll Spice Up Your Dinners

EveryPlate is a meal delivery service that is here to save you time and money each week. Whether it’s takeout, meal delivery, meal kit, restaurant, or home cooking, for $5 per serving, you’ll have trouble finding another dining option that will satisfy your hunger for that price.

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And don’t worry, if you’re going on vacation or have a week of dining out planned, you can skip a week or cancel your subscription up to 5 days before your next delivery is scheduled.

How EveryPlate Works

To get started you’ll select if you’re ordering for two or four people and then select how many times a week you receive your meals, from three to five times a week.

Once you select your plan, the company will automatically set default meals, but you can also easily go in and select from a diverse 11 options of rotating meals.

Once you sign up for the EveryPlate meal kit delivery, you get to start customizing your plan and meals. There are over 11 meals to choose from that change every week, but be careful, some of them have supplemental charges for ingredients that cost a little more, like steak and seafood.

The meal kits are delivered once a week and include everything you need to prepare your meal, except for a few staples. EveryPlate assumes you’ll have your own cooking oil, salt, and pepper, and it also expects you to supply your own flour, sugar, butter, and milk.

Depending on your area, EveryPlate deliveries come Monday through Friday, between 8:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m.

Meal Options

EveryPlate ensures you have a broad array of options each week. The brand offers eleven new items each week to select from. One thing to note is that most of these options are really curated for dinners. While you can eat them for lunch, the service was not created with breakfast in mind.

Since the menu changes weekly we can’t guarantee the below options will be available but at the time of ordering, these were the options that were selected for two people and three dinners:

  • Griddled Onion Burgers with Creamy Dijon Aioli & Frites
  • Sweet Chili Pork Tacos with Red Cabbage Slaw, Zesty Crema & Peanuts
  • Steak Pot Pie with Thyme, Carrot & a Flaky Biscuit Crust

Sounds good, right? I love how the above meal options aren’t anything that I would typically cook at home. I’m not completely comfortable selecting meat from the grocery store, and making anything other than meat and a carbohydrate side dish is a little foreign for me. After selecting these meals, though, I instantly felt excited about the upcoming week of meals.

What’s Inside?

When you receive your EveryPlate delivery, you’ll find a box made from 100% recyclable materials. The materials inside are minimal, which is what aides in keeping the cost low. Inside every box, EveryPlate includes all of the ingredients you need to make your delicious meals, with the exception of a few pantry items.

You’ll also find recipe cards with step-by-step instructions for each meal and the ingredients are individually packed and insulated to ensure they arrive to you at peak freshness.

If you can’t get to your delivery immediately, don’t sweat it. The ingredients are insulated with cold packs so your food doesn’t go bad.

What Kitchen Tools Do You Need?

EveryPlate encourages its customers to have a pot, pan, baking sheet, knife, and cutting board readily available. If a recipe calls for something more complex, like a the use of a zester, peeler, potato masher, whisk, strainer, or aluminum foil, the brand will call it out.

Cooking Process

Each recipe card clearly states the prep time, so you know what you’re getting into. On average you can expect 5 to 10 minutes. The ingredients do come whole, which means you will have some chopping to do.

Almost every meal is geared toward beginners, so the recipes are extremely easy to prepare.

Who It’s For:

  • People on a tight budget:  For $5 per serving, not even fast food restaurants can compete with this pricing.
  • Anyone who wants to spice things up in the kitchen: Even if you love to cook, once in a while it’s nice to not have to put much effort into a meal. Instead of having to come up with the meal, grocery shop, prep, and cook, you can easily introduce your family to new and unique meals you might not have thought of yourself.
  • People who hate food shopping: If you’re sick of the one-way aisles and lines in the grocery stores, try EveryPlate. All of the ingredients are delivered to your doorstep and measured out so you don’t have to worry about grocery shopping on top of your busy schedule.

Who Should Skip It:

  • Anyone with dietary restrictions: While EveryPlate has a diverse selection of meals, there aren’t many that cater to vegetarians, vegans, or gluten-free eaters. Most of the meals are heavy on beef, chicken, pork, ground meat, and more. Eggs and cheeses are also sprinkled throughout these recipes.
  • Anyone on a time crunch: Having the ingredients delivered to your door with a recipe is great, but many of these meals take 30-45 minutes start to finish. If you’re busy between work, carpool, classes, or an overcrowded schedule, you might want something that’s more immediate.

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