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Brooklyn’s New Gotham at The Ashland is a Food & Architecture Mecca

Gotham at The Ashland
Image used with permission by copyright holder
Industrial design elements over crab mac and cheese.

The iconic Gotham West Market in Hell’s Kitchen just got a little brother. And congratulations, it’s in Brooklyn. Gotham Market at The Ashland opened the doors to its 16,000-square-foot, eight-restaurant venue on in late January 2017.

To quote Kendrick Lamar, Halle Berry, Hallelujah!

Gotham Market at The Ashland brings a crazy variety of bars and restaurants, including the holy grail of Spanish tapas, Boqueria, serving datiles con beicon, patatas bravas, and pulpo a la plancha, paired with a list of rich Spanish wines.

Gotham Market Brooklyn
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Feeling something a little more home grown? Mason Jar is cooking up finger-lickin’ Southern hospitality in the BK. We’re talking house-smoked meats, beer, bourbon, and BBQ.

Looking for coastal fare? Crabby Shack, man. This is the first pop-up location for the Crown-Heights-based eatery that dominates crab grilled cheese. Some of their dishes will also be exclusive to The Ashland location.

The other names hand-picked to make up Gotham at The Ashland are Mason Jar’s MJ on-the-go dishes, Flip Board (aka the best chicken you’ll ever have), the Egg at the Bird breakfast haven with coffee from Devoción in Williamsburg, Bar Granger and its old-school ode to 1850s Fort Greene tradesmen, and lastly Apizza Regionale (Italian fare overseen by the Founder of Dinosaur Bar-B-Que, John Stage).

This modern Mecca hits the sweet spot for our vast culinary curiosities. It also means you and your buddies don’t have to settle on just one place to dine. We’re also psyched that it’s all craft, and done so in an atmosphere of stunning aesthetic… thanks to world-famous architecture and interior designer firm Jeffrey Beers International, which was commissioned for the space.Gotham Market

Pulling inspiration from its industrial neighborhood, and a building of expansive floor-to-ceiling windows and texturally rich materials such as exposed concrete, brick, white subway tiles, and reclaimed wood, Beers infused the space with elements that create a slick yet comfortable harbor. Meanwhile, entering through the 26-foot atrium highlighted by jutting black steel pipe chandeliers and a whopping 180 hand-blown glass globes (created by KEEP) are a clear indicator of power and dominance. It’s hard to explain, but the building itself is as filling as the food. And that, my friends, is not an easy feat

But alas, it’s what Beers specializes in— having been the man who changed the standard for hospitality design via more thoughtful planning and his unique synthesis of architecture with craft.

He’s what Steve Jobs is to computers in the realm of gathering spaces. His firm Jeffrey Beers International has won three Gold Key Awards for design excellence, Contract Magazine’s Interior Design Award, Interior Design’s “Best of Year” Design Award, and in 2000 Jeffrey was inducted into Hospitality Design’s Platinum Circle.

The Gotham BK
Image used with permission by copyright holder

During his schooling, Beers trained with glass artist Dale Chihuly, hence the hand-blown glass influence at The Ashland.

And if the design at the new Gotham only wets your pallet for more art, Gotham at The Ashland is smack dab in the middle of the BAM cultural district. Walk off lunch at BRIC, BAM, and Theater for a New Audience, before returning to Gotham for evening drinks.

Photos courtesy Jeffrey Beers International

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