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7 Best Wine Decanters to Impress Your Guests in 2022

Unlike whiskey decanters, wine decanters serve another purpose other than looking cool. You may be wondering what the difference is between a wine carafe and a wine decanter. A carafe is not usually specific to wine and can hold any kind of beverage. A wine decanter has a wide, flat base with a long neck and serves 3 main functions.

  1. Aerate the wine to bring out its full bouquet of flavors, which cannot be detected straight from the bottle.
  2. Allow any sediment in the wine separate out before consuming.
  3. Look cool.

Okay, we added the third function, but you can’t deny that anything served out of a decanter looks better than right out of a bottle. If you want to learn more about how exactly to decant your favorite wines, check out our guide on how to decant wine. So get your wine and your corkscrews ready; here’s our roundup for the best wine decanters in 2022.

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Best Overall Wine Decanter: Le Chateau Hand Blown Lead-Free Crystal Wine Decanter

This decanter from Le Chateau combines elegance, functionality, and affordability all in one. With its wide diameter, you can expose an entire bottle of wine to air, allowing it to aerate properly.

Best Budget Wine Decanter: GoodGlassware Wine Decanter

You don’t have to break the bank to aerate your wine. With this 44-oz decanter from GoodGlassware, you can spend more money on the wine. The notch blown into the bottom of the vessel makes for easy griping when pouring and cleaning.

Best Single Serve Decanter: HiCoup U-Shaped Decanter

If you’re not planning on crushing a whole bottle of wine, this decanter from HiCoup is perfect. Although it can hold an entire bottle, the base doesn’t have as much surface area, making it suitable for 2-3 glasses of wine. The wine gets aerated when poured into and out of the decanter, and the narrow pour spout helps further separate sediment.

Best Wine Decanter for BYOB Restaurants: YouYah Wine Decanter Set

Do you enjoy bringing your own bottle of wine to restaurants that will allow you to do so? If so, this YouYah decanter is perfect. The bottle fits into the top, and the wine is aerated as it pours in. Let the wine breathe for an hour or so, then reverse the process back into the bottle. This set also comes with cleaning beads and a drying rack.

Best Wine Decanter for Magnums: Riedel Performance Magnum Decanter, 80 oz

Great wine glassware and Riedel go hand in hand. Whether you’re catering to a large group or just drink a lot of wine, this 80-oz decanter will bring all the flavor out of your large volume of wine.

Best Matching Decanter and Glass Set: CulinexCo Wine Decanter and Glass Set

Whether you get bored easily waiting for your wine to aerate or want to turn ‘spin the bottle’ into a drinking game, this set from CulinexCo is perfect. This uniquely designed decanter also comes with a cork stopper to prevent spillage and to let you store wine overnight.

Best Electric Wine Decanter: vSpin Active Wine Decanter

It’s true, decanting wine does improve the flavor of your wine, but it takes time and forethought. With the vSpin Active Wine Decanter, you can infuse oxygen into your wine in minutes instead of an hour. The vSpin spins a vortex of air into the specially designed lead-free crystal decanter, opening up your wine in minutes.

Wine Decanter Tips

When shopping for the best wine decanter, consider a couple of these quick tips. It’s best to plan on consuming the wine on the same day as decanting. Although, if need be, you can leave wine in the decanter for 2-3 days before it oxidizes and spoils. For mature wines (15 years or older), it’s recommended to decant for around half an hour before drinking. For younger (cheaper) wines, decanting for around an hour before consuming will give the wine its fullest flavor.

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