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The 9 Best Holiday Cookie Cutters to Buy Now

Baking is so hot right now. If you’re new to the game and trying to ease into the world of baking gradually, cookies are an excellent place to start. Holiday cookies are even better for the novice baker because you’re working with a basic, sugar-cookie dough. Just mix up some flour, butter, sugar, eggs, baking powder, baking soda, a dash of vanilla, and you’ve got your batter.

Once you roll it out, you need a good cookie cutter to carve out all your fun holiday shapes. That is, unless you like cutting out shapes free-hand with a kitchen knife, but trust us, this is easier. The more complex the cookie-cutter shape, the harder it is to remove the dough from the mold. Yet, with the help of a few toothpicks, you should be good to go. As for how you decorate the tops of your cookies, that’s a topic for a whole other post. Simply put, cookie cutters are kitchen essentials all year round. Here’s a rundown of some of the best cookie cutters you can buy this holiday season.

Joyin- 12-Piece Christmas Cookie Cutter Set

This holiday cookie cutter set from Joyin has it all for a reasonable price. Santa, snowman, bell – what more do you need? Keep in mind that these illustrations are just examples of what your cookies could look like. A good cookie-cutter is the first step in making great-looking cookies, but the decorating takes years of practice. Just ask a pastry chef.

XYChrome- 9-Piece Snowflake/Tree Set

This is a nice little cookie cutter set that allows you to get creative. You can make snowflake cookies of multiple sizes, or you can stack the cookies on a party tray to make it look like a 3D Christmas tree.

Ann Clark Cookie Cutters- Christmas Lights/Light Bulb Cookie Cutter

If you’re a pro with fondant, this cookie cutter makes for a festive plate of holiday cookies. At 3.25 inches tall, this cookie cutter is proudly made in the USA. You only need the one mold, then just make multi-colored Christmas light cookies.

K&S Artisan- 11-Piece Round Cookie Biscuit Cutter Set w/ Stencils

This is a cookie-cutter set with a lot of versatility. They are stainless-steel round molds designed for cutting cookies. However, you could use them for a mold in other cooking applications. They also come with a design stencil that helps you decorate the cookies with the topping of your choice. Also, if you have an at-home espresso machine, you can use the stencils to make fun shapes in your latte.

Kerocy- Round Cutter w/ 6-Piece Stamp Set

This is just one round cookie cutter, but with six holiday-themed stamps. It’s the same idea as the stencils above, but with a little less room for error. Just dust the cookies with some sparkly sugar, and they’re ready to go in your holiday care package.

Child to Cherish- Santa’s Message Christmas Plate Set

If you have kids, this Child to Cherish Message to Santa Plate Set is a great way to start a holiday tradition. It comes with three cookie cutters to make your, err…Santa’s cookies, a carafe for his milk, a cup for the reindeer’s carrots, and a plate to put it all on. The plate also has a neat chalkboard feature that lets the children leave a message for Santa.

Ocean Singer- 8-Piece Christmas Cookie Cutters Set with Protective Red Top

Did you know that cookie cutters had a specific side you were supposed to use? Neither did we, until we discovered these cookie cutters for Ocean Singer! Apparently, one side of the cutter is a lot sharper than the other. So with these handy-dandy red-labeled cookie molds, you’ll never mistake which side is which.

Joyin- 13-Piece Stainless Steel Christmas Cookie Cutters with Comfort Grip & Rolling Pin

This holiday cookie cutter set comes with everything but the cookies. With a rolling pin included, the molds have a plastic coating that protrudes a bit further over the sides than the Ocean Singer set. This is to not only tell which side is which, but to more easily remove the cutter from the dough.

Keewah- 7- Piece Large, Stainless-Steel Christmas Cookie Cutter Set

If you require a more filling holiday cookie, then this set from Keewah is for you. These cutters provide you with cookies ranging from 4.7-5.1 inches tall and 3.5-4.3 inches wide. They even come in a fun, festive box for you to store them in.

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