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The 11 Best Brownie Mixes To Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

Whether you love your brownies dense and chewy or cakey (we all know chewy is the way a brownie should be), one thing is for certain; they’re delicious. Although homemade brownies from scratch is the preferred cooking method of bakers, 90% of us wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between that and brownie mix from a box. In fact, many of us would likely prefer the mix because that’s what our moms made for us as rugrats.

With brownie mix, you cut out a lot of the hassles of baking. You don’t have to measure out multiple ingredients; heck, you don’t have to buy multiple ingredients. All you need is an egg or two and some oil or butter. The food companies that supply the mixes are also becoming more in tune with the customer’s desire to add ingredients and dictate whether they’d like their brownies chewy or cakey. Nowadays, the cooking instructions account for these preferences and also offer fun ingredients to add to spice up your brownie.

So, get out your baking pans and have some ice cream ready for brownies a la mode, because we’ve rounded up the best brownie mixes you can buy online.

Best Classic Milk Chocolate: Betty Crocker

Keep it plain and simple with this traditional milk chocolate mix from Betty Crocker, a household name in all things baked. You’re likely familiar with their line of cakes, and cookies, which almost always require just three additional ingredients. This mix is no exception — you only need water, vegetable oil, and eggs.

Best Keto-Friendly Option: Keto and Co

You’re on the verge of ketosis, but you’re experiencing intense sugar cravings. A relatable dilemma indeed, but you don’t have to fall off your keto plan just yet. Try this low-carb mix from Keto and Co, instead. Thanks to a recipe that calls for zero added sugar and a healthy helping of fiber, it’s also a great alternative for people with diabetes.

Best Gluten-Free: King Arthur Flour

If you’re gluten intolerant, this brownie mix from King Arthur Flour is a safe substitute approved by The Gluten-Free Certification Organization. Instead of wheat, this mix enlists tapioca starch and rice flour as a base, complemented by cocoa, vanilla, and cane sugar.

Best Whole Grain Mix: Kodiak Cakes

Kodiak Cakes is best known for their whole grain pancakes, but they’ve also got a foot in the brownie mix door. Boasting 100% whole grains, non-GMO ingredients, and 8 grams of protein, it looks more like a health supplement than a dessert on paper. Keep in mind though that it contains common allergens like eggs, milk, and various nuts.

Best Protein-Rich Mix: Universal Nutrition

Another low-carb option like the keto-friendly mix from Keto and Co is this extra fudgy recipe from Universal Nutrition. Chocolate chips contribute to that desired chewiness, making you question the lack of sugar — artificial or otherwise. This brownie mix also contains 5 grams of protein compared to the average 1 gram per box.

Best Dark Chocolate Mix: Duncan Hines

For some, brownies are overwhelmingly rich bordering on bitter, but others pine for even bolder recipes like this dark chocolate fudge from Duncan Hines. It’s also a sizable box at 18.2 oz, making it the practical option for baking and sharing with the family. Even when cooked in a 13 x 9 pan, it still yields thick, satisfying brownies.

Best Butter Mochi Mix: Hawaii’s Best

If you enjoy the taste of chocolate but want a different texture altogether, this butter mochi brownie mix from Hawaii’s Best might pique your interest. With a slightly chewy texture resembling mochi and other rice flour-based sweets, it’s a slight departure from the mochi of your childhood, but it retains all the delicious flavors. For instance, it’s made with Ghirardelli cocoa.

Best Double Chocolate Chip: Ghirardelli

This brownie mix spares no expense when it comes to that intense cocoa flavor. Premium chocolate chips from Ghirardelli makes this a moist brownie recommended with a scoop of ice cream — a combination that makes any bad day infinitely better. To offset the richness of the chocolate, vanilla bean or plain vanilla might be the best pairing.

Best Walnut Mix: Betty Crocker Delights

Want to enjoy a non-sweet addition to your classic brownie mix? Betty Crocker’s Supreme Walnut recipe is just as quintessential as the brand’s traditional mix. Natural California walnuts means there’s a crunchy then buttery taste in every bite. It’s also a smart way to incorporate healthy fats when you feel guilty about snacking on brownies in the first place. Trust us though, you’ll feel no regrets with this brownie mix.

Best Mug Brownie Mix: Ghirardelli

For days you just can’t shake the craving for your guilty pleasure, a mug brownie mix is a suitable compromise. The steps are simple: Combine water and the brownie mix in a mug, set the microwave to 1 minute, let the mug cool down, and enjoy your sweet treat. The pack comes with 6 mixes, all featuring Ghirardelli’s high-quality chocolate.

Best Smores and Brownie Kit: Duncan Hines Epic Kit

Another out-of-this-world creation is this s’mores brownie mix from Duncan Hines. You heard that right: A magnificent dessert with a graham crust, brownie filling, marshmallow top, and a fudge drizzle topping. The mix includes everything you need to assemble this confection, so it’s a hit with children interested in baking and getting their hands dirty.

Tips for Maximizing Your Brownie’s Potential

It’s not mandatory, but oiling up your pan with baking spray keeps your brownie from sticking to the bottom and sides. Alternatively, you might use baking sheets, parchment paper, or aluminum foil to shield the brownie from the pan. For a no-fail bake, a nonstick pan or baking sheet is always an option for the perfect brownie.

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